Episode 100: “Frank Langella was sitting right next to me”

This is my 100th Video Of The Day! And for that special number two special videos. 

I love watching the Oscar ceremony, but to be honest most of the time it can be quite boring. And seeing as it’s here from 1am to 5am, I almost always tend to fall asleep somewhere during it. This year though it was so fun and interesting, I stayed awake the entire time.

While the whole evening was full of great moments, my two favourite bits were when Hugh Jackman was performing. Here’s the opening sequence:

I love love love the part where Anne Hathaway joins in! And that end part… wow.

Then there was a second musical number where Hugh performed together with Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried, and Dominic Cooper.

While I’m not a fan of High School Musical and Mamma Mia!, I have to admit those actors do sing great. I hope there will be more movie musicals, but I don’t get the whole “let’s adapt a stage musical”. Why not create something new?

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