Most of you must have seen the video I posted a couple of days ago about the T-Mobile “flashmob”. While I had my doubts about it, it turned out to be a great event! 

Sing Out Loud

I turned up on Trafalgar Square at around 17:45 and it was already packed! I hadn’t imagined that so many people would come. A big screen was setup with on it a “warning” that T-Mobile was recording their latest advert and anyone who didn’t want in it should find a steward. I was able to make my way to the center of the crowd and saw that microphones were being handed out to anyone who wanted one. That’s when I started realizing what the “gimmick” this time would be. I declined, cause I had my camera in my hands and I knew there were going to be some great photo moments (and I was right).

At 18:00 it was announced that “this time you won’t be dancing, but singing!”. I was amazed at how many people hadn’t figured it out, and were totally surprised by it. And then everyone started singing along to “Hey Jude”. The atmosphere was brilliant! Everyone was smiling, singing along and even dancing along. I had to leave halfway, but still got to enjoy “Is This The Way To Amarillo” and “Baby One More Time”.

Here’s an early footage clip of the event:

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