Episode 140: “Put down the remote”

I tried to stay up for the Emmys last night. On a “normal” weekend I wouldn’t have any trouble with this, but I had just gotten home from the 48 hour CharityHack where I had only slept a couple of hours. About two thirds in I gave up; I was too tired, plus the live stream was becoming increasingly flakier by the minute, it was a pain to watch it. I think at certain moment it was so bad, I got every other sentence.

Anyhow, I did get to see two cool sequences from Neil Patrick Harris as host. The first was the opening number which had a couple of great lines in it:

The second was a Dr Horrible clip:

I already had heard there would be something Dr Horrible related, but I was hoping for a bit more than this (at least a bit more singing).

As for the actual awards, there were a couple of great surprises and a couple of disappointing choices. I loved that Kristen Chenoweth won for her role as Olive in Pushing Daisies, and her acceptance speech was so adorable! Why did Pushing Daisies have to be cancelled?

Then Supporting Actor In A Comedy. Of course, I was rooting for Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), but I also would have been fine with either of the 30 Rock guys winning it (Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer). But who ended up wining it? Jon Cryer. Seriously? Two and a Half Men hasn’t been funny for ages.

Another surprise was Supporting Actor in a Drama. I was completely expecting William Shatner to win again, or John Slattery from Mad Men. But it went (deservingly I think) to Michael Emerson for his creepy portrayal of Ben in Lost.

Most of the other stuff was pretty predictable. Mad Men won Best Drama, 30 Rock won Best Comedy. Glenn Close won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (for Damages), Bryan Cranston won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (for Breaking Bad, for the second time in a row now, maybe I should start watching this). All kind of to be expected. To see the complete list of winner, check out Emmy Awards Winners 2009.