Secret Santa and Holiday Swap

November 3rd, 2009

Every year my family does a sort of Secret Santa. It’s slightly different, more similar to the Dutch tradition of ‘surprises’ (which you pronounce the Dutch way: so soo-pree-sez). I’ll blog about that more when the Christmas season really starts.

For now, I wanted to share with you two cool things I’ll be participating in this Christmas:

The first is a Secret Santa for the book blogging community and its readers. Each person has to get a book for someone else. Cool, right? I know it will be even trickier getting something for someone you don’t know than someone you do, but it sounds like it could be great fun! Check out the details on The Neverending Shelf.

The second is similar: the Book Blogger Holiday Swap. I wasn’t really sure if I should enter or not; I do write a lot about books, but also about loads of other stuff. Still, it sounds like a great idea, and it would be brilliant to surprise someone on the other side of the world with some cute gifts!

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