TV Preview: Slingers

December 4th, 2009

It doesn’t happen everyday that someone you know is making a TV show, and actually delivers something that looks awesome. I met Sizemore (aka Mike Atherton) almost two years ago at the Tuttle/SocialMedia Cafe (not sure what it exactly is called nowadays, haven’t been able to make it for ages), and he’s one of the familiar faces I keep bumping into at various events here in London.

I think it was about a year ago when he mentioned for the first time that he was working on creating a new sci fi show… and now a sizzle reel has been released and it looks awesome. It’s not an actual trailer yet (cause there isn’t an actual pilot yet), it’s more like a mini promo to pitch the show to TV networks and executives etc. They’re hoping to shoot a pilot in 2010.

For more info about Slingers, head on over to Sizemore’s blog.