Farewell, Tenth Doctor! I’ve just finished watching the latest and last episode with David Tennant as the Doctor. Sniff. I won’t spoil anything yet for those who haven’t seen it, but it was a nice goodbye to Tennant. Not as great as an episode as I had hoped for (and nothing as spine-tingly exciting as previous finals), but still good (albeit a bit soppy).

I loved David Tennant as the Doctor, and since it was announced that he’d leave the show after the specials, I’ve been really curious to his successor. It was revealed a couple of months ago that the role went to Matt Smith; I wasn’t that impressed by the first photos we saw from him, but looking at the latest trailer and the little tidbit at the end of the final, I’m having more faith as him as the Doctor now.

What do you think? D you like how this new Doctor looks like?