Last Tuesday I got invited along by PokerStars to their launch of a new special Twitter league. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, a bit of poker playing, some nibbles, the usual. To my surprise, they had arranged some ‘celebrities’ to play with us:

PokerStars Twitter League Launch

It was brilliant and yet slightly surreal; I was sitting next to ‘Brad’ who didn’t know how to play poker! Poor Angelina had to keep explaining him everything (and he still remained longer in the game than I did). Captain Jack Sparrow, Joanna Lumley and Delboy were all hilarious, staying in character the entire time.

Me, Brad and Angelina

Besides these ‘celebrities’, they had also brought along pro poker player (and host of Only Connect) Victoria Coren. I started out at the same table as her, and it was great to hear some tips and tricks on how to play poker. The weirdest moment of the night was definitely when Charlie Chaplin made butterfly wings, a crown and a wand out of balloons for Victoria Coren to wear during the poker playing… as I said: surreal.

PokerStars Twitter League Launch

I survived longer than I had expected (playing for at least 1.5 hour until I was kicked out) and had at least two hands that I think I played pretty well. After food (delicious sea bass) the losers started another table, which I ended up winning! There weren’t any prizes for that though, but it was still a lot fun. Thanks to PokerStars for a brilliant evening!

For more info on PokerStars Twitter league, check out their website.

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