Last Tuesday we held this year’s first Movie Geeks of London meetup. It turned out to be a bit of a small meetup, but it was still great to see some familiar and some new faces. The theme of the night was the Oscars! I held a short presentation about my boxoffice project and we had Carl hold a short demo about his site Oscar Wager.

It’s a handy site for this weekend’s Oscars. The idea is that you can set up a wager, where everyone has to pick who they think is going to win (for all 24 categories). Whoever gets the most right, wins the prize. There’s also something in place in the case of a tie, but I don’t remember what that was.

So we’ve setup a Geeks of London Oscar Wager. We’re giving away 2 DVDs (most probably whatever wins Best Picture on Sunday, and one of the other Best Picture nominations) to whoever wins our Oscar Wager. Just fill in the form to enter. Keep in mind though once you’ve filled it in, you can’t edit it anymore. Entry closes (of couse) once the award show starts.

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