I managed to stay awake for the Oscars again! Is it just me or does it seem to be easier nowadays to stay awake with Twitter to keep you entertained?

I was really looking forward to Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts (Hathaway’s mini-bit during Hugh Jackman’s opening song was awesome 2 years ago), but I wasn’t really impressed with them. Here was their opening:

There’s some funny moments in there, but overall it doesn’t feel like the big grand opening some of the best presenters had in previous years.

I did however really enjoy Hathaway’s version of On My Own, but I haven’t been able to find a video of that to share with you guys. Plus all her dresses throughout the night were gorgeous! My take: pair Anne Hathaway with Hugh Jackman as hosts next year.

There’s also this video that the Oscar YouTube channel has released with the hosts performing Grease:

Stick around, I’ll be doing some more Oscar related posts today!