I really enjoyed Tron Legacy. I’m still disappointed the plot didn’t live up to the rest of the awesomeness: amazing music, gorgeous visuals and cool actors. If only the story had been better, it could have been a great movie (it’s an enjoyable movie, I find, and a pretty one, but not OMG-that-was-the-most-amazing-thing-in-the-world great).

The plot of the Tron ARG that I’d been following throughout the year before it had seemed so promising. I was expecting that to tie into the movie much much more. It somehow also just died once the movie came out. But now they’ve released the following short movie Tron: The Next Day which will appear on the DVD (kind of obvious, but: spoilers for Tron: Legacy):

Yay, Ram! This finally gives some closure to the ARG. ZackAttack was one of the members on the Flynn Lives forum, who leaked most of the Encom info. We all knew he was one of the ARG plants, but it never occurred to me that it would be one of the characters of the first movie. In case, you didn’t notice (or remember the first movie): there’s a small scene where Alan (Bruce Boxleitner) passes a co-worker who asks if he can grab some of Alan’s popcorn. He later appears in the computer world as Ram, one of the captured programs.

Now I’m excited for the next movie! Rumours are there will be 2 sort of trailers for Tron 3 on the DVD (plus this short movie) and I can’t wait to see them.

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