I always like seeing the different funny stuff people come up with for April Fool’s; it’s amazing how creative some people will get. It’s been a while since I fell for something during it, but it’s so much fun just to see what people have created. Here are my favourites of this year:

1. Assassin’s Creed for Kinect

This starts off as pretty plausible, but slowly gets less and less likely. I love the Assassin’s Creed games (although the last one was a bit disappointing) and the moves here are just as recognizable.

2. Mass Effect Cartoon

Ridiculous, but funny:

3. ThinkGeek’s Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

Like most ThinkGeek’s April 1st announced products I actually think they might make this if there’s enough interest (it’s $39.99 on ThinkGeek).

4. CatBlock

The AdBlock browser extension announced they were making a special CatBlock version of their extension that would replace all ads on a page with photos of cats. The thing I find really funny is that the creator used photoshopped photos of my cat Casey!

5. Google Street Roo

The Google Australia blog reported yesterday that the Australia Street Car team (that drives around taking photos for Google Map’s Street View) would be expanded with kangaroos with cameras strapped to their heads. This way they’d be able to collect photos of Australia’s outback.