I’m loving this ad for Total Recall; I like how it’s an ad for the in-movie company and doesn’t mention the movie actually at all.

Welcome To Rekall

I’ve been seeing these type of ads for the past two weeks (as far as I’m aware there’s also a variant one with a yacht and two girls in bikinis), but each time I tried to take photos with my iPod Touch, they turned out horrible. Two days ago though I was on my way back from the Gymnastics finals and luckily had my DSLR with me.

I love the asterisk bit on the bottom. It’s a bit tricky to read from the photo, but it says: Side effects may include sleeplessness, headaches, memory loss, paranoia, delusions, schizophrenia, and possible death.


I wonder though how many commuters just won’t get it (and how many won’t even bother reading what it says).