Yesterday I attended the first day of the UK Cinema Showcase, previewing some upcoming movies. I’d been stuck in the cinema for most of the day, so hadn’t realized that just around the corner the Piccadilly Circus Circus was going on. For the entire day (well, from 1pm on) Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Piccadilly Street had 143 circus performances of 48 different acts by 33 companies with 247 performers!

I got out the cinema at about 8pm and thought I could take the tube from Piccadilly Circus; I had no idea what I was walking into. There was a huge crowd around Piccadilly Circus and music was playing loudly. I initially didn’t understand what was going on until I looked up: above the square there were several zipwire lines and people dressed as angels doing acrobatic acts. This video gives a good idea of some of the bits I saw:

The finale though was the most amazing! They’d already released some feathers during the performance, but in the finale they went all out: tons of feathers got thrown over the crowd and burst from canons on the side. It was just raining feathers everywhere. And to be in the middle of it all was so surreal:

I now really wished I had seen more of the performances during the day. But experiencing that finale? WOW.