Me Wantz: Nerd Alert Designs

September 4th, 2012

I’m really liking these dress designs from etsy store Nerd Alert Designs. Some of them I can imagine just wearing any day, but a couple are definitely more costumey and aimed at the cosplayer crowd. They’re still awesome designs though!

Cocktail Hour on the Death Star – $90

This is my favourite design; the cut of the dress looks great plus the little Darth Vader helmets look so cute!

Rainbow Brite dress – $90

I don’t actually remember ever watching Rainbow Brite, but I did use to have a View-master reel of it, which I loved. This dress is just adorable:

You ARTOO Cute In This Dress- $90

Another adorable dress! The belt isn’t included, but it fits perfectly.

The star of the BLOCK party – $90

I only wish the colours of this dress were a bit more vibrant.

The Unbirthday Dress – $90

You can’t really see the details in this photo, but the skirt consist of text from Alice in Wonderland with illustrations from it lining the bottom (see this photo for a closeup).

The Ash dress – $125

I love this dress! There’s a pocket on the left side dress turning your hand instantly into a CHAINSAW hand!

Ewok Dress – $150

Not something I’d consider wearing, but it does look great.