Last night I finally managed to watch the midseason final of Doctor Who (after trying to avoid spoilers for more than 24 hours, quite tricky). If you haven’t seen it yet, why the hell not yet?!? Also: you’d better not scroll beyond the video… spoilers, sweetie!

The episode featured the Ponds for the very last time and they made a cool behind-the-scenes featurette about the final days of shooting:

So what did you guys all think of the Ponds final episode? I really enjoyed watching it and thought it was a nice, sweet and sad goodbye. Later on though after it sank in a bit better I realized I’m quite disappointed in how messy the plot feels. Why exactly couldn’t the Doctor go back and find them? I understand that he couldn’t find them and bring them back to their own time, but that didn’t stop him from visiting them, right? And River clearly was able to visit them, cause that’s how Amy got to write the final page. It just all feels a bit flimsy to me.

Also I’m pretty sure that for the past episodes we’ve been following the Pond’s timeline, not the Doctor’s (just pay attention to the clothes the Ponds are wearing in Pond Life and each episode). I kind of expected that to finally reveal itself this episode. Plus we’re no closer to finding out who exactly the new companion is and how she relates to Oswin Oswald. Or what the flickering lights mean. Or what the references to Christmas are.

What about you guys? Similar thoughts?