I love Threadless t-shirts. I’ve got so many of them now that I’ve forced myself to stop buying them, especially cause I don’t actually tend to wear t-shirts that often anymore. I still love their designs though, and these new Disney Villains ones are gorgeous enough to make me want to break my non-buying ban!

In June/July of this year Threadless held a design challenge for people to design a tee based on the Disney Villains. Just like the Disney Princesses these don’t contain all the villains that appear in the Disney movies, just the most prominent ones (hmmm, maybe not even the most prominent ones, I’d say the ones that are most obviously “evil”). Threadless has now published the results of that challenge, and they’ll be selling 15 (!!) tees based on some awesome designs.

Retro Villains

Mistresses of Evil

Magnificent Maleficent

Queen of Dragons

Wicked Wiles

Dangerous Things

The Blackbeard’s Boatswain


Casting Shadows


The Sea Witch

Lost in Spots

Puppy Love

All Powerful

The Queen