Pin This: Les Misérables Movie

September 25th, 2012

I haven’t completely gotten the hang of Pinterest yet; it’s great to discover cool new things, but I find it a bit messy to see what you’ve viewed already. Still it’s interesting to see how different companies are using it and pinning their own stuff. The Les Misérables movie is using it in a pretty interesting way. They’ve got their own Les Misérables Movie account with 5 different boards: Official Stills, Les Mis-inspired Recipes, Les Mis-inspired Fashion, Behind the Scenes and Historic France.

The latest pin on the Official Stills board is the new poster for the movie. It looks gorgeous (and of course harks back to the musical’s poster):

It’s a lot of fun browsing around on the other boards. I like how they haven’t stuck to only stuff directly linked to the movie, but are also pinning things that are inspired by it. For instance, I love this military jacket that they pinned (“For the Inspector Javert in you”):

I can’t wait till the Les Mis movie comes out. Everything I’ve seen from it so far looks great and I think it’s going to be an awesome adaption. Here’s a small confession though: I’ve never actually seen the musical… should I go watch it before the movie is released?