Time to announce the winners of my two Christmas Giveaways! There were some great comments left behind on both posts with your favourite musicals and favourite Christmas presents. I bet you’re all curious to hear who’s won…

The first giveaway winner will receive a Les Miserables Gift Pack, which includes the Les Mis movie soundtrack, a $25 Visa gift card, a t-shirt and a journal.

Drumroll, please! The winner is:


She left a comment behind about her favourite musical:

How can I only choose 1? I have 3 that immediately spring to mind – and they’re all slightly comedic ones rather than anything serious. So Who Wants to be a Millionaire from high Society and 2 from Singin’ In the Rain – Make ‘Em Laugh and Singin In the Rain. Given my faves are all comedic, really looking forward to how they are going to present Master of the House!

The second giveaway winner will get a copy of Redshirts by John Scalzi.

And the winner is:

Elisa Nuckle!

Her comment was:

I got a spiffy ergonomic keyboard this year, and it’s been awesome for my wrists, which do trouble me sometimes. Also a new Kindle cover that is perfect. I hear great things about this book and have been meaning to pick it up. 🙂

Congrats, to both winners! Your prizes will be with you soon. Enjoy! For those of you that didn’t win, why not try out my latest giveaway for Babylon 5 DVDs?

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