This speech Emma Watson gave at the UN is so good:

Especially “If not me, who? If not now, when?” really resonates with me. It’s the thing I’ve kept telling myself this past year to push myself into speaking at more events.

30 Things: Part Two

Other, Personal September 17th, 2014

Back in February after my birthday, I had this great idea to do a 30 Things While 30 List, cause I was too busy to actually finish the list before I was 30. Yeah, turns out: I haven’t gotten any less busier.

I started the initial list with only 10 items, so that I could focus on those in the first 4 months. Well, it’s 7 months further and how many of those 10 have I actually managed to do? 4. Meh. I suck.

Despite that though, I’m super happy I managed to do at least these 4 things! Here’s what they were:

#9. Run 10k

I actually ran 10k! I mentioned it here on my blog a couple of times, but a team of us from FutureLearn ran the British 10K to raise money for Computer Aid (you can actually still donate if you want to).

Now, I’ve never properly run before. I’ve tried to get myself into it over the past 6 years or so, but I never pushed myself to the point where I could actually run continuously for more than just a few minutes. This time around I stuck to a good training schedule and got myself to the stage where I could just run for 30 minutes straight.

I have to admit though: I didn’t keep it up and I need to build it up again. But it’s so so worth it. I definitely felt as if I had way more energy, despite doing these runs every other day.

#1. Visit Seckington

I’ve been living here in the UK for over 7 years now, and yet still had never managed to visit Seckington. I finally did. And got the obligatory camera shot:

#7. Go to a spa

I have to admit I made it a bit easy for myself and ended up going to a spa here in London for a massage and facial: the Elemis Day Spa in Mayfair. I so needed it though. I know I have terrible posture and I can just feel my back and neck tensing up too often.

#2. Play HintHunt

I got invited to a bloggers event last week for #LVLOVELIFE to try out HintHunt, the live escape game. The idea of HintHunt is that you’re stuck in a room and have to escape. Remember those flash games where you had to find all the items in a room and combine them in different ways to solve puzzles? That. In real life.

This was so much fun! I did the Zen room with 3 other bloggers and we managed to escape the room with only 49 seconds to spare. I don’t want to spoil the experience, so I won’t describe this in further detail, but I so recommend it to anyone. I now really want to do their other room too!

So what’s next on my list? Since I finished 4 items on it, I’m adding another 4 new items:

  1. Visit Seckington
  2. Play Hint Hunt
  3. See Les Mis
  4. Read The Prestige
  5. Make my own ramen
  6. Finish an online course
  7. Go to a spa
  8. Build something with Arduino
  9. Run 10k
  10. Visit an overseas city I’ve never been before
  11. Blog about 5 recipes
  12. Make boozy cookies
  13. Build a pillow fort
  14. Speak at a conference

Yeah, I’m cheating a little bit with that last item. I already spoke at DDD East Anglia last week and will be speaking at Hackference and FOWA soon, but come on! I need to check more off this list (plus it IS something I’ve been wanting to do for ages).

I’ve blogged about my love of United Nude’s shoes a couple of times now, and their new Autumn/Winter collection looks amazing. I keep getting compliments about my pair of Fold heels; they just look so different and pretty!

Here are my favourites of this year’s collection:

Fold Hi in Fantasy

Fold Fantasy

Fold Hi in Riz Mustard

Fold Riz Mustard

Eamz Ankle Bootie in Black

Eamz Black

Fold Hi in Bang Bang

Fold Bang Bang

Check out the entire collection on the United Nude site. Which shoes are your favourite?

Cute EW video with a ton of celebrities warning about the dangers of binge watching TV shows:

I have to admit, I think I’ve binged watched most of the shows of those celebrities… How many show have you binged watched over the years?

This 6 minute clip showing the visualization and “audibilization” of sorting algorithms is so mesmerising (and a great way to grasp how sorting algorithms work):

The algorithms are: selection sort, insertion sort, quick sort, merge sort, heap sort, radix sort (LSD), radix sort (MSD), std::sort (intro sort), std::stable_sort (adaptive merge sort), shell sort, bubble sort, cocktail shaker sort, gnome sort, bitonic sort and 30 seconds of bogo sort.

Thanks to Matt for pointing this out to me!

I saw this dress a few weeks back at Joy and once I realized it had Delft in its name, I just knew I had to get it! I’m also currently in Delft (checking out wedding venues), so obviously I had to wear it here and finally blog about it.


The dress has a 50s style cut with a cool double strap neckline; you can’t really see it properly on that photo, but it definitely makes the dress more unique!

You can currently get the Hilarion Delft from the Joy Store for £59.

I recently bought two tees from TeeFury (La Petite Sorcière et Le Chat Noir and Big Friend) and it turns out the base design of both of those are featured in today’s TeeFury Battle!

I didn’t think another Le Chat Noir variation could beat my Kiki’s delivery Service one, but Toothless is so adorable:


Then there’s the My Neighbour Totoro inspired Toothless one as well (although this time I think my Bioshock version wins)


Like them? Both tees are only on TeeFury for the next 5 hours!

Miss Geeky Elsewhere:

  • Interview at FutureBook Hack: I was a judge and mentor at FutureBook Hack and got interviewed about hackdays!
  • Running the British 10K: This Sunday I’ll be running the British 10K! I’m kind of dreading it by now. I’m running better than I did last year, but I still haven’t managed to hit 10k yet (I did 5k last weekend… just). We’re raising money for Computer Aid, a great charity that refurbishes old computers for non-profits and schools.
  • Why run an internal hackday: I wrote my first post on the FutureLearn blog about how and why we ran our first internal hackday.
  • My slides from Ladies Who Code: A couple weeks back I gave a talk at Ladies Who Code about my win at #AgileHack. Here are the slides:

Interesting links


This is such a simple idea, but so handy! I need one of these:


Book on Book is a transparent acrylic book weight that will keep you book open to the page that you want. I’ve can so see my self using this, especially when you’re trying to eat food and read a book at the same time!


It’s available for ¥6,490 (~£47) from the Japanese online store BuddyTools.

I had seen this video a few weeks back, but it came up again in conversation this evening:

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