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  • Interview at FutureBook Hack: I was a judge and mentor at FutureBook Hack and got interviewed about hackdays!
  • Running the British 10K: This Sunday I’ll be running the British 10K! I’m kind of dreading it by now. I’m running better than I did last year, but I still haven’t managed to hit 10k yet (I did 5k last weekend… just). We’re raising money for Computer Aid, a great charity that refurbishes old computers for non-profits and schools.
  • Why run an internal hackday: I wrote my first post on the FutureLearn blog about how and why we ran our first internal hackday.
  • My slides from Ladies Who Code: A couple weeks back I gave a talk at Ladies Who Code about my win at #AgileHack. Here are the slides:

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I had seen this video a few weeks back, but it came up again in conversation this evening:

Event Report: PrimeConf

July 9th, 2014

A couple of weeks back I attended PrimeConf, a conference celebrating great British technology and technologists. It was such an inspiring event; I don’t think there was any talk there that I didn’t walk away from thinking I didn’t learn something.

All the talks were recorded and are now online on the PrimeConf site. If you have the time, I’d recommend watching them all! If you don’t, here were my favourite talks:

Welcome To The No-man’s Land Of Technical Leadership – Mazz Mosley

The Makies Ongoing Story – Alice Taylor

Be Your Own Client And Be Happy – Pete Duncanson

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This is sadly currently sold out, but I love love love the look of this swimsuit. As I’m not going on a beach holiday this year, I wouldn’t even have the chance to wear that soon, but it looks so cool!

wonder woman swimsuit

The Wonder Woman swimsuit was available on Pinup Girl Clothing for $40: they don’t have it in stock right now, but you can sign up for the waiting list to get notified when they do!

I love visiting Bletchley Park. I’ve visited three times during Over The Air there and still get inspired every time I go (you can read about my first visit here).

This short film was prepared for Bletchley Park’s new visitor centre, sharing a personal perspective on Bletchley’s continuing importance by Megan Smith, VP Google[x]:

Via Chris Monk

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I’m not a fan of the song, but there are some brilliant optical illusions in their video:

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I thought I’d do a quick post with a couple of awesome events I’ll be attending/speaking at soon. There are still tickets available for all of these events; let me know in the comments if you’re going too!


PrimeConf – Best of British

PrimeConf is a conference on the 13th of June at the Royal Institution, celebrating great British technology and technologists. Taking a countrywide approach they’ve invited guest speakers from around Britain to talk about what they know and what they do. They’ll will also be live streaming the event so everyone who wants to can watch regardless of location. Tickets are still available for £149.


FutureBook Hack

FutureBook Hack invites developers, designers and entrepreneurs to come together for a weekend of brainstorming and problem solving in a previously untapped sector: book publishing. The goal of the event is to bring fresh eyes to an established industry, to tackle the challenges facing book publishing, to adapt to a changing landscape and to help readers discover the perfect book. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be a judge and a mentor at this!


Woman Who Code

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers by creating a global, connected community of women in technology. I’ll be speaking at their meetup on July 22nd about DDD: Disney Driven Development. The talk will be about Disney’s Four Keys of the Kingdom and how we can apply those principles to our work as web developers.

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This is so adorable! I love my collection of geek jewellery and couldn’t help but order this one for myself.


It’s available from etsy store Land of Rapture (I’ve previously blogged about their Assassin’s Creed necklace) for only £9.78! If you’ve never bought anything from Etsy before, they currently are offering £5 off your first Etsy purchase if you sign up now.

You can even customise your necklace and choose exactly which of the following you want:


I’ve chosen the Green Mushroom, the Flower and the Star! I can’t wait till it gets delivered.

I wish my Photoshop fu was this good:

I’ve just started with my wedding planning: and I’m realizing there’s just so much stuff to do! This is pretty cool though: an Ignite wedding.