A couple months back I blogged about my first pair of United Nude shoes (see that post here). I adore that pair, so when I heard about their Christmas sale I just knew I had to take a look to see what I could find. I ended up getting one of their recurring designs, Fold (in Dark Fog):

united nude fog

These are so awesome! They’re super comfy, yet so stylish and eye-catching; I constantly get asked where I got them from.

I am so tempted to get a second pair in a different colour now though… Each year United Nude brings this design back, but in new gorgeous colour combinations. The two designs from the current collection that I like are:


I’m not completely convinced though; there are colour designs from previous years that look so much more interesting, fun and (most importantly) more “me”. I think I’m going to have to wait till next season’s set or see if I can find the older ones still online. Either way I’ve got my heart set on getting a second pair of these!

I usually don’t post articles this late at night when barely anyone is awake to actually see it, but with this dress it felt like the right thing to do:


Cute! I love the print, plus the cut of the dress looks super flattering. Is it bad that I kind of wished it would glow in the dark?

It’s available from Modcloth for $129.99.

I bought this dress last weekend and I’m so happy with how pretty it looks! It’s got a cool metallic tree print, an interesting neckline and a flattering full skirt (with pockets!). Plus it looks awesome on me, which obviously is always a good thing!


What I didn’t realise though was that I already had blogged about last year’s version of this dress! I was gutted to miss out on that dress then, but didn’t dare ordering online, cause I wasn’t sure how the fit would have been. Fingers crossed they bring out another print next year?

A while back I discovered the brand United Nude in a small shoe store on Charing Cross road and immediately fell in love with their unique and pretty heels. They only had a few designs in stock though and sadly at the time none that fit me. Much to my delight though United Nude have now opened several stores in London!

I managed to get this awesome pair for £65 in their sale 2 weeks back and I adore them:


They look awesome and are quite comfy despite being so high. My only problem is the thinness of that heel; I keep getting it stuck in the gaps betweens tiles and cobblestones. Not exactly handy for most London streets, but a minor inconvenience for how great they look.

I’m already wondering what pair to get next, even though I know I should be a good girl and wait till their next sale. Or at least wait until I see how long my current pair last. As much as I love the designs, £150+ is quite a hefty bit to pay…

Their new Autumn collection has some gorgeous designs though and I am so so tempted! Here are a couple of my favourites:


Available as Lo (£119), Mid (£139), Hi (£139) and Deluxe Hi (£149) and in 12 different colour combinations. Pictured below is the Fold Deluxe Hi in Forest:



Available as Pump (£199), Rose (£219), Zoe (£295), Collar (£220) and Bootie (£215). Pictured below is the Eamz Pump in Cherry Patent:



Available in 4 colour combinations (£159): Gunmetal/Black/Grey, Black/Petrol, Bordeaux/Magenta and Brown/Yellow/Fossil. Picture below is the Gunmetal/Black/Grey:


Lo Res

Available in 9 colours (£135). Pictured below is the Purple Rubber:


Winter Eros

Available in 4 colour combinations (£195): Black, Black/Bordeaux, Black/Smoke and White/Peach. Pictured below is Black/Smoke:


They’re all quite unique, right? My favourite is the Winter Eros; it looks as if it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. Which most probably means it won’t be that practical to wear… Which one is your favourite?

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Time for another pretty dress! I love this one from Modcloth called Modern Fairytale; the neckline is interesting and the layered skirt looks awesome. Plus: pockets!


It’s available from Modcloth for $154.99.

The last few days have been blissfully relaxing: I’m currently on holiday in Croatia and most of my time has been spent on sitting next to the pool to swim, sunbathe and read. I wish I had a proper geeky swimsuit though!

For ages I’ve been eyeing Black Milk’s geeky swimsuit designs, but nothing really popped out as a must-have to me. They’ve had some cool Lord of The Rings and Star Wars designs in the past, but I’m not a massive enough fan of either of those to spend $100 on a swimsuit. They’ve now just launched a Mass Effect line… and I really want their N7 swimsuit!

Mass Effect Swimsuit N7

Next to that N7 swimsuit, I’m also loving this cool Tali swimsuit:

Mass Effect Swimsuit Tali

The above two designs also come as leggings and dresses, and there are also three other Mass Effect (comic) designs. I wish they had added some of the other artwork; I would have loved to have seen a swimsuit with Garrus or the Normandy on it!

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It’s such nice weather today! So sunny and warm… To be honest, I don’t really know if it’s nice weather: this post was written yesterday. It’s predicted to be nice and sunny though, so I’m being optimistic.

Whether it’s nice weather or not though, this dress looks great. And with a name like Be Outside Dress In Delft I couldn’t not write about it. It’s available for $74.99 on Modcloth.


Yay, the BAFTAs are tonight! And I’ll be there live tweeting the entire thing. For the past week I’ve been looking at evening gowns and looks, trying to prepare for tonight. I’m super happy with the dress I got (see it here); it’s so pretty and flowey!

It doesn’t stop me though from dreaming about designer dresses: if I had an unlimited budget, what dress would I get? I found these 6 dresses from Valentino, Reem Acra and Ellie Saab, which all look awesome. I’d so love to wear any one of these. My favourite one is the red Valentino, followed by the light purple Reem Acra. Which one would you wear?




Reem Acra



Ellie Saab



I’m curious to see if any of the celebrities choose “my” dresses… they are all so gorgeous and I can come up with a number of actors that will look awesome in them!

Dress of The Day: Icona

February 8th, 2013

I’m still super nervous and stressed excited and happy that I’m going to the BAFTAs! It’s my first black tie event though, so there wasn’t anything in my wardrobe that seemed suitable for it. Solution: shopping trip! After trying on a ton of dresses and asking Twitter followers for their opinion, I finally found this awesome purple dress from Coast:


I love it! The top part looks so elegant and fits perfectly, while the skirt has three layers and is just beautiful, soft and flowy. And the purple colour makes it stand out!

The only thing I’m a bit worried about is the length; I’m already wearing high heels in that photo and I’m scared it might be dragging a bit too much on the floor. I don’t have time though to get it altered, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it and have my fingers crossed that I don’t blunder, trip and make a fool of myself.

Here’s how the dress looks on a proper model (see how long the dress is in that photo?):


Despite the length, I’m so happy I found this dress. I’ve got a pair of champagne coloured heels and a champagne coloured clutch that I think wil go nicely with it. Now I still need to decide on jewellery, hair and makeup. I think I have a couple of necklaces that could work with that neckline, otherwise I’ve got a pair of shiny earrings. My hair is thick and sleek and usually tricky to work with, so I think I need to wear it down. For makeup I think a champagne/purple smokey eye might work and a my-lips-but-better lipstick…

What do you think of the dress? Any tips or suggestions for hair and makeup?

I love the combination of black and yellow. It might be a little bit too bumblebee if done wrong, but when done right I think it can look awesome. I love this dress from Karen Millen combining yellow, black and white (£110):


Another new dress from Karen Millen is this black and white pencil dress (£175):


Don’t you think that would look great with a pair of bright yellow pumps?