I don’t think I’ve ever done an eye exam with this type of tree chart (they always use slides with rows of 4 letters at my optician), but I still love these tights from Nylon Journal. They’re $27 and come in black on white or white on black.


Their barcode tights are also quite geeky, but I wonder how many people would try to “scan” you if you’d wear these ($24):


The last pair that I really like are these New York subway tights ($44):


I just wish they’d be for the London Underground! Hmmmm, I wonder if those maybe exist already? *goes off to google* Pillows, yes. Aprons, yes. Quilt, yes. But no tights it seems…

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Monochrome Cat Print Cowl Neck Dress. That’s quite a handful to say. I’m still looking for a nice wintery dress and this cat print is so adorable!

It’s available at New Look for £25.

Me Wantz: Notebook Knee Highs

November 27th, 2012

I still love writing in old-school notebooks; there’s just something about them that makes me organize my thoughts and ideas much better than when I’m just typing on a computer. I mustn’t be the only, right? Who else out there still loves notebooks?

Now how better to show off your love of notebooks than with these adorable knee highs? They’re $18 on Sock Dreams:

Sock Dreams also has two other pairs of knee highs that are quite geeky. The first is this cute pair of Pencil knee highs ($18):

The second are these knee highs with Van Gogh’s Starry Night ($8 but sadly currently out of stock):

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I love everything about this dress from Louche. The funnel neck and slightly flared skirt looks trendy and pretty, the criss-cross pattern is not your standard type of pattern, and the colour combination of dark green and black is gorgeous. It’s definitely a dress that will make you stand out!

It’s available in the JOY store for £59:

I’d pair it with a cute black cardigan or a black long sleeved top, red shoes and a red hair band. What would you wear this dress with?

I love shoes that are slightly quirky (remember these awesome tape measure shoes?). And these heels from Modcloth are certainly quirky! They feature a cool minimalistic night skyline:

I like how it’s not just a print or painted on; the skyline is actually made out of a separate white fabric. I do wonder though how long these would last; I don’t trust myself with white shoes. They’re $119.99 on ModCloth.com.

I love the dresses from Karen Millen, but they’re all just a bit too expensive for my tastes. Still I love the designs; the dresses look so modern, sleek and pretty. This geometric dress is a bit unusual, but I love the combination of the print and the black and white panels:

You can get it on the Karen Millen website for £160. As I said before, it’s a bit too pricey for my tastes (I won’t spend more than £60 on a dress, unless it’s for a very good reason), but it’s so gorgeous and fits my style exactly!

Karen Millen also has a couple of other dress that I think would suit me. Here’s a tweed dress with cool panelling on the front (for £190):

I also like this colourblock knit dress with a zipper at the shoulder (for £125):

What do you think of the dresses? Would you buy them?

Closet (available at Dorothy Perkins) often does dresses that suit me; cool prints, flattering style and just so pretty! I’ve got my eye currently on two of their print dresses and I’m very tempted to get them.

The first is a mustard geometric print dress (£52 on the Dorothy Perkins site). It’s such a cool colour combination plus the print is awesome!

The second is a black and white dogtooth print (£48 on Dorothy Perkins). I really like the contrast print on the bottom, it really makes the dress more interesting.

This is such a cool dress! Very Hitchcocky.

It’s an online exclusive on New Look and costs £61.99.

It’s the final day of the Olympics! I started these Olympics posts two weeks ago with a Dress of The Day post, so I thought it would be fitting to do a final one on the day of the closing ceremony.

One of the best moments of the Olympics was watching Jessica Ennis win the 800m in the Heptathlon even though she didn’t need to. It was a brilliant moment and made me proud of my adopted country. During a Q&A session at the Omega House last week (wait, Omega have their own “national” house?!? *Goes to google* After some googling: it’s a special Olympics private members club in Soho) Ennis wore a cute pink Alexander McQueen skater dress:

If you want the dress yourself, I found it on Farfetch.com for £562.50:

Source: Omega

The Olympics officially start tonight! I’m loving the vibe in London at the moment; I was on the Southbank a couple of days ago and the atmosphere was amazing.

So instead of doing a regular Dress of The Day post, I thought I’d do an Olympic inspired one! Five gorgeous dresses, each with the colour of one of the Olympic rings. The black one is my favourite; I can so see myself wearing that one.

Dream Come True

Stay Bold

Rose Bubbly

Windy City

Kettle Corn