Me Wantz: Water Tribe Hoodie

September 17th, 2012

This Water Tribe Hoodie from The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra looks so warm and comfy! I love this design from etsy store RaritysBoutique; it looks awesome. Sadly though Viacom (which owns Nickelodeon) made them take down the Avatar hoodies, so you can’t order one anymore.

On the back is the water element symbol, while on the shoulder you can find the water nation symbol.

The shop also did hoodies for the other elements (Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomad), but those have also been pulled. They still sell a very large range of My Little Pony ones though which also look great (if you My Little Pony).

Me Wantz: Nerd Alert Designs

September 4th, 2012

I’m really liking these dress designs from etsy store Nerd Alert Designs. Some of them I can imagine just wearing any day, but a couple are definitely more costumey and aimed at the cosplayer crowd. They’re still awesome designs though!

Cocktail Hour on the Death Star – $90

This is my favourite design; the cut of the dress looks great plus the little Darth Vader helmets look so cute!

Rainbow Brite dress – $90

I don’t actually remember ever watching Rainbow Brite, but I did use to have a View-master reel of it, which I loved. This dress is just adorable:

You ARTOO Cute In This Dress- $90

Another adorable dress! The belt isn’t included, but it fits perfectly.

The star of the BLOCK party – $90

I only wish the colours of this dress were a bit more vibrant.

The Unbirthday Dress – $90

You can’t really see the details in this photo, but the skirt consist of text from Alice in Wonderland with illustrations from it lining the bottom (see this photo for a closeup).

The Ash dress – $125

I love this dress! There’s a pocket on the left side dress turning your hand instantly into a CHAINSAW hand!

Ewok Dress – $150

Not something I’d consider wearing, but it does look great.

This jumper is just awesome:

Wonder Woman Jumper 7

I like how it doesn’t look too cheesy; I can easily imagine myself wearing something like this. I love how the stars are on the arms and the back:

Starry back

If you know how to knit, the guide on how to make it is up on Ravelry. Anyone want to make this for me?

Back in February I blogged about 5 Geeky Necklaces and ended up getting 2 of them for my birthday. My favourite one which I wear a lot is the Portal necklace from etsy store Land of Rapture.

I’ve been eyeing a second necklace from this store for a while, and now I’ve finally ordered it! It’s the Assassin’s Creed Crest one and I love how it looks:

I can’t wait until it gets delivered and I can wear it. It’s so pretty!

The store has a ton of other cool geeky necklaces and I was tempted to buy a couple of them. The necklaces are almost all between £9 and £12. Here are my favourites:

Star Trek Enterprise Diagram for $16/£10.48

Batman for $16/£10.48:

Companion Cube for $16/£10.48:

Zelda Cameo for $16/£10.48:

Kirkwall Crest for $17/£11.14:

I still think it’d be cool to have a map of London on my wall, just not your normal standard map. I love the look of this cut-out one of London:

If you like it, there’s still one more left on Fab for £935 (eek!). If that’s a bit too pricey, they also have the London map on canvas (£95) or as a small print (£19.50).

It’s been a couple of days now since I saw The Dark Knight Rises and I have to say I loved it. I’ll try to do a proper review later this week, but overall I really enjoyed it and think it’s a great conclusion to this Batman trilogy.

I was most looking forward to see how Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman (although no one actually ever calls her Catwoman in the movie) turned out and I wasn’t disappointed. Her Selina is awesome, switching from sweet and vulnerable to sarcastic and devious in an eye blink. I loved almost all of her scenes in The Dark Knight Rises; I’d so like to see a stand-alone Catwoman movie with her, but I don’t think it’s likely we’ll be seeing one.

Of course I was also very curious to see her Catwoman outfit. I like that it’s quite grounded in reality; the suit doesn’t look too costumey and something I’d imagine a cat burglar would wear. I also really like how her flipped up goggles become her “ears”. That’s not something that was in the comics (I think) and I’ve seen some more devout fans online not liking the concept at all, but I like the fact that she’s not obviously trying to dress as a cat.

The most awesome part of her outfit though has to be her boots. Initially you think they’re just a straightforward pair of thigh-high boots, but then you notice the heels resembles knives! Here’s a poster featuring her (very photoshopped) heels:

Awesome, right? I’d love a pair of boots like those… well, maybe not with the knives as heels, but the rest of the boot looks pretty slick. So I started googling for a pair like those and I discovered that one of the shoemakers that worked on the boots for the movie wrote a blog post about the boots they created. She works for a company called Theatrical Shoemakers (obviously) and they do tons of shoes and boots for movies, including Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman and X-Men: First Class.

Here’s what she had to say about the heels (see the photo below):

They were made especially for these boots (though not by us), and they resemble knives – they have a sharp edge running along the back of the heel and a serrated section on the inside curve of the heel. These ones were cast in clear plastic (you can see the strengthening metal rod running through it) which made it easier for us to see exactly what we were doing when attaching screws through the insole and into the heels (without poking through the heel). They were later painted silver by the film’s costume department.

Next to that one pair with the crazy high heels, they also created a range of other heels in different heights that could be worn during stunts and whenever the shoes weren’t in a camera shot: a low heel, a wedge and mid-height heel which was covered with silver leather. All the boots looks awesome and I so want a pair for myself! I’ve very tempted to email the company and see how much a custom pair would actually cost; I’ve always had problems with finding shoes/boots that fit right (cause my feet are two different sizes), so it might be worth finally getting a custom pair made.

The Catwoman suit isn’t the only outfit Anne Hathaway wears during the movie; she has at least 5 different outfits throughout the movie, and I’m pretty envious of all of them. I so want her wardrobe! I especially love the dress she’s wearing when she does the finger print exchange, but I haven’t been able to find a good photo of it online yet. If I remember correctly, it’s a quite fitted black dress with capped sleeves and a modern corset-like detail around the waist. The other outfit I love is her airport one:

Everything just works so well together and the accessories really make it: the hat, the gloves, the bag and the ear rings. I love the cut of the blazer; it has quite sharp lines, but then has that awesome wide round collar. I’ve tried to find out who designed it: was it done by the costume designer or is it from an actual fashion brand? I think it could be Armani, which also makes sense as all of Bruce Wayne’s suits are Armani already, but I haven’t found it among any of their recent collections. Anybody have an idea?

The final outfit I found a photo for is her masquerade ball dress. The top looks great and accentuates her pearls and other assets, but I don’t remember much of the rest of the dress (how long was it even? Was this a full length ballroom one?):

So do you agree with me? What did you think of her Catwoman suit? Are you also envious of all her other outfits? Which one was your favourite?

I came across these pumps on Pinterest and they’re just so pretty! I love the mixed chains that act as the strap, it almost looks like you’re wearing ankle jewellery.

Sadly enough, from what I’ve googled they’re not being sold anywhere anymore. On the Bebe site I came across the black version of these pumps, but even those aren’t in stock anymore:

I’ll need to keep an eye out for something similar to these, they’re so adorable!

This is a cool idea: a bean bag for your book. I must admit I sometimes have difficulty finding the right position to comfortably read a book, and this seems like an interesting way to solve that.

The store describes the book rest bean bag as:

Shakespeare, Hemmingway, Kipling: their words deserve our full attention. The hands-free Book Rest,designed by sisters Angela and Ursula Hartig, lets you park your paperback so that you can concentrate on getting comfy. Made up of a book cover and a small bean bag, and held together with Velcro-strips, this helpful design will take unwinding to the next level.

Paperback?  I somehow imagine this being more useful for hardcovers. I also don’t think velcro strips will keep a paperback open that easily. It’s a cool idea though. If you want one of these bean bags for your books, it’s on Fab for the next 23 hours for €29.50. They also do a cute design for a mug bean bag (which is €19.70):

Yesterday during RegentTweet (more about that later this week) I came across this figurine at the Swarovski store:

It’s Stitch!!! So adorable, right? I’m normally not that into the crystal figurines, but this one I wouldn’t mind having. Only problem is: it’s £205. *gulp* I like it, but I don’t like it THAT much.

Here’s the official photo from the Swarovski site:

If you want this adorable Stitch figurine, head on over to the Swarovski store to check it out.

I love sushi. It’s not something I’ll make myself though, but if I did, I would so want this bamboo tray! It’s got three depressions into the wood, making perfect spots for your soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

It’s a bit pricey at €47 per board (and if you don’t want to dine alone, you should at least get a second one too), but it’s a gorgeous and unique way of serving sushi. If you want one, head on over to Fab to check it out.