I say this too often, but I need more geeky jewellery! I love this dinosaur necklace from etsy store Anoriginaljewelry; don’t you think it’s adorable?

The dinosaur silhouette is hand pierced/sawed/filed sterling silver and is then tumbled for durability. The pendant is then connected to a sparkling sterling silver chain and finished with a sterling lobster clasp. The dino pendant itself measures roughly 3/4″ high. It’s so cute ($55):


I also like this love potion necklace from the same store ($55):


And this camera ring ($85):


Almost all the items in this etsy store are cute, adorable and geeky! I’m tempted to get the dinosaur one…

I’m still addicted to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. It’s been almost a year since it came out and I’m still playing it weekly! They just keep adding new characters and levels, and it remains fun and interesting to play. I also want to replay the main story line, but this time with a different backstory and make different choices. The first time around I played as a paragon, but renegade is most of the time way more fun!


So obviously I love these pendants from etsy store Land of Rapture. Which one would you choose? Paragon, renegade or in between?


I’d have to go with the Paragon one. As much as I’d like to go with the Renegade one, I’m more of a stick-to-the-rules type of gal.


Season 3 is coming… It’s only 2 more months until Game of Thrones returns! Weirdly enough they still haven’t released a proper trailer yet, but one is scheduled for February 24th (sort of, HBO On Demand will have the trailer on the 25th, meaning it will have debuted online at least a day before that). I’m surprised that HBO are leaving it to only a few weeks before the actual air date; it’s one of their most popular shows, wouldn’t they want to promote that a bit more? Or do they have so much faith in it that it doesn’t require any marketing?

While we’re waiting, why not enjoy these cool necklace inspired by the Game of Thrones houses? They’re from etsy store The Scottish Girl Shop and are £13.89 each. My favourite is obviously the Stark one with their Winter Is Coming motto.

Game of Thrones - Stark necklace

Game of Thrones - Targaryen necklace

Game of Thrones - Valar Morghulis necklace

Game of Thrones - Greyjoy necklace

Which one is your favourite?

The British Museum is one of my favourite spots in London. I’ve wandered around the exhibitions for hours and it’s high time I pay another visit. The most famous piece there has to be the Rosetta Stone. It’s definitely a favourite of mine; it’s just a perfect geeky artefact, combining ancient history and decoding.

So of course I’m completely adoring this cuff bracelet from Jezebel Charms ($40):


The only problem: I don’t wear bracelets. They’re too annoying if you’re behind your laptop the entire day, plus I never can find ones that fit my tiny wrists. I wish they’d make earrings or a necklace with the Rosetta Stone print…

Me Wantz: Floppytable

January 15th, 2013

I always had this idea that when I was grownup and rich, I’d have this huge mansion with different special rooms: a bean bag room for watching movies and hacking, a huge high-ceiling library with a balcony that you can only reach through a hidden door, a retro gaming room filled with old consoles and arcade machines. I think this Floppytable would fit perfectly in that latter one!


I love all the little details of the table; it does look exactly like a floppy. It was designed by Neulent van Exel and if you like you can order one from his website.

Me Wantz: Mass Effect Artwork

December 2nd, 2012

I love the Mass Effect series; despite the ending of the last one, they are my favourite games of the past few years. And I’m still playing the multiplayer which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy quite as much as I am. Bioware is producing limited edition art giclees of 10 of their prints and they look gorgeous!

I’m a bit puzzled as to why they’re all artwork from the ME2 though… I would have loved to see an EDI print! My favourites are (of course) the Garrus and the Tali ones; they’re still my favourite characters of the series.

The Team – $2500, limited edition of 12

Archangel – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Tali – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Miranda – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Aria – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Thane – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Normandy – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Citadel – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Earth Alliance – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Cerberus – $325/$940, limited edition of 50

Which one is your favourite one?

Sometimes you have days where you just want to go:


For those days we have this lovely necklace from Tatty Devine (£35):

For those days where you want to go “Uurghhh” we have this necklace (£35):

And finally for those days where we just want to go “Grrrr” we have this one (£21):

Now all I need is a “Grr. Argh.” necklace…

These Star Wars mugs from etsy store LennyMud are so cute! Silhouettes on one side:

… and awesome quotes on the other:

Via The Mary Sue

I love shoes that are slightly quirky (remember these awesome tape measure shoes?). And these heels from Modcloth are certainly quirky! They feature a cool minimalistic night skyline:

I like how it’s not just a print or painted on; the skyline is actually made out of a separate white fabric. I do wonder though how long these would last; I don’t trust myself with white shoes. They’re $119.99 on ModCloth.com.

Me Wantz: Dice Rings

November 1st, 2012

I love geeky jewellery. I’ve been slowly building my collection of geeky yet pretty necklaces, but still don’t own any geeky rings or earrings (unless you count an ankh as geeky, which in this case it sort of might be since it comes from my teen obsession with Egyptian mythology and history).

Anyways, this Kickstarter project looks great and shall hopefully find a place in my geeky jewellery collection: Dice Rings! They’re spinner rings where an outer smaller ring spins in a grooved inner ring. I’ve seen these before but never with dice featured on them. So handy!

They are several type of pledges:

  • $5 Immortal Word Smith: a personal quote on their website
  • $15 Lone Adventurer: Any 1 ring, any size or available color.
  • $40 Gambler: 3 rings (rCards, r%, 2r6),  any size or available color.
  • $42 Gamer Lite: Your pick of any 3 rings, any size or available color.
  • $70 Multiclasser: Your pick of any 5 rings, any size or available color.
  • $90 Classic Player: 7 rings (r4, r6, r8, r10, r12, r20 and r%), any size or available color.
  • $130 Game Master: Your pick of any 10 rings, any size or available color.
  • $1000 Hands of Royalty: You will be their hand model. You’ll get every type of ring, but you’ll need to take photos.
  • $5000 Battle-Hardened Comrade: Come and hang out with the founders for an entire weekend.
For shipping outside of US and Canada, there’s a $10 shipping fee. I’m very tempted to do the Gamer Lite pledge. The rings look great and so geeky! I only can’t decide which rings to go for…

What do you think of the Dice Rings? Cool or too geeky?