By now most of you must have heard at least one aspect of the marketing around the Simpsons movie. This could be the competition to find the real life Springfield or the transformation of several 7-Eleven’s (in America) into Kwik-E-Mart’s (Squishees and donuts). But I don’t think any of you have seen this yet:


In the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar one of the fashion spreads is The Simpsons go to Paris. It shows the Simpsons wearing this season’s designer outfits, such as Versace and Chanel. It also pictures some well known fashion celebrities, like Linda Evangelista and Donatella Versace.


Have a look at this post to see scans of the spread and the real-life counterparts.

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SciFi Webisodes

July 16th, 2007

After the successful Battlestar Galactica webisodes from last summer, the SciFi channel announced they are coming with two new sets of webisodes. The first will be a Farscape revival , which “will revive and expand the beloved “Farscape” universe”. I think this means that we shouldn’t expect any of the original characters reappearing, but I’m curious to see what they will come up with.

The second set of webisodes will be Battlestar Galactica related, focusing on William (Bill) Adama in his younger years as a pilot. Quite some time ago there were rumours about Caprica, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, which would be “television’s first science fiction family saga”.

Now this was more then a year ago and due to the lack of further developments it’s likely that Caprica was shelved. However, these webisodes might be an adaption of those original ideas. If they turn out to be any good, they might consider looking into the Caprica series again.

I just watched Jonathan Ross (BBC interview show) and this time Bob Hoskins and JK Rowling were two of his guests. During his interview with Bob Hoskins, Jonathan mentioned it was weird Bob had never starred in any of the Harry Potter films. Bob then told about a previous encounter with JK Rowling, where she had promised to write a character for him. Cut to: JK Rowling who kind of cringed, clearly having forgotten that she had ever promised that. She did, however, say that there will be a new character in book 7: a older male wizard, which could be played by Bob Hoskins. This could be only useless interview prattle, but it might turn out to be an actual casting.

Update: I sent this same bit of info to AICN and they’ve actually posted it!

Review: The Fountain

July 5th, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I finally saw The Fountain. It’s written and directed by Darren Aranofsky, who did Requiem for a Dream and Pi (two films on my very long “still to watch” list) and stars Hugh Jackman (X-Men, The Prestige) and Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardener, The Mummy).


Doctor Who: Next Season

July 5th, 2007

So here I am again. I know I haven’t written for a long, long time (again), but this time I’m seriously going to try and better my ways. After watching last week’s slightly disappointing season finale of Doctor Who, I’m glad they’ve announced a couple of tidbits about next season.

Kylie Minogue will be starring in the 2007 Christmas Special, which will have something to do with the Titanic. As the last episode’s ending suggests, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg ;-).


The more surprising news is that Freema Agyeman’s Martha Jones will only be joining the Doctor halfway through the season and that the Doctor’s new companion is none other then Catherine Tate, reprising the role of runaway bride Donna from last year’s Christmas episode. I’m curious to see how this turns out. I loved the banter between the Doctor and Donna, but I wonder if it can sustain an actual season.

New Serie: Sanctuary

May 4th, 2007

There’s this new serie that will be launching on May 14th: Sanctuary. Unlike other series though, this won’t be broadcast on television. It will be available as downloadable or streamable webisodes of about 15 minutes with the first 4 episodes being free, after that you’ll have to pay for them. Good news is that it’s available world-wide, so not only for America.

I’ve been willing to pay for tv-series all my life; I watch them, I appreciate them, I want to support them and by paying you do somehow have an actual say in the matter. Your contribution is acknowledged and counts as a reason to keep the serie going. Just think about a lot of cancelled series: Dark Angel, Firefly, Angel, Buffy. The American networks only care about the amount of American viewers, dismissing the whole group of faithfull viewers outside of America and dismissing the money they’re actually missing out on. What would have happened if those viewers were recognized and allowed to contribute to the series? Maybe they’d still be going on?

This series might be taking a step in the right direction, but I’m not sure yet if it will be able to survive. It’s set in an other sci-fi, paranormal, supernatural Victorian-like world with weird creatures. Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter from Stargate) plays a scientist/doctor investigating these creatures. I saw the 5-minute preview and it looks kind of cheesy. A lot of the world and the creatures is CGI and so far it fails to impress me. It reminds me too much of a computer game and that’s not a good thing. Maybe the actual episodes will be better, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until May 14th.

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Going Dutch

May 2nd, 2007

Okay, I know, I know. I had promised to write in “the next couple of days” and big surprise…I didn’t. So, what been going on with me lately? For starters, I am now officially Dutch. Last October I applied for the naturalisation procedure (sounds creepy, like some weird medical treatment), filled in all the forms…and tada!! Half a year later, I’m an official cheese head. 😀

Nowadays you have to go the naturalisation ceremony to pick up the official letter; you don’t turn Dutch until you’ve picked it up. As most of you may know, I was kind of dreading this, expecting you’d have to sing the national anthem or put your hand on the bible, swear, etc. or something corny like that. Luckily it wasn’t anything like that. It was actually more like my “propedeuse” or bachelor ceremony; some guy you don’t know holds a speech, everybody gets called to the front, you get your degree/paper/whatever and it’s all extremely boring.

I will absolutely try this time to write a bit more then usual. I’m not going to promise anything anymore, cause that just doesn’t seem to work anyway.

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Here’s a list of the 10 movies that I just can’t wait for:

10. Grindhouse
9. Sin City 2
8. The Dark Knight
7. Southland Tales
6. 28 Weeks Later
5. Ponyo on the Cliff
4. Watchmen
3. I am Legend
2. Stardust
1. The Golden Compass

Some of them will be coming out this year, while others haven’t even started prodcution. In the next couple of days I’ll provide a short preview/description of each of them. Feel free to leave a comment with which films you’re waiting for.

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Visit to Holland

April 6th, 2007

Two days ago (Wednesday night) I arrived back in London, after a very exhausting visit to Holland. Somehow Cristiano and me managed to fill that one week with slightly more activities then we imagined. We managed to do everything we wanted, but it was all quite tiring.

Click on to read a day by day description. (more…)

One Month later

April 5th, 2007

Okay, it’s been more then a month since my last blog post, while I promised to write something everday. My new Month’s Resolutions weren’t that successfull: I did eat icecream, I didn’t write for my blog and I sort of sticked to my deadlines.

Well, attempt number 2! Let’s see how these resolutions are upheld this month.

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