Interesting links for August 6th through August 12th:

  • Geek Hierarchy: Find Your Place In Geek Life – I never considered myself a snob, but according to this "Geek Hierarchy" I'm pretty high in the list.
  • John Scalzi – Is The Dark Knight Oscar Ready? – The title says it all: a review of whether or not The Dark Knight will be nominated at the Oscars.
  • Tube Door Etiquette – I'm getting more and more annoyed with pushy people who want to get in the moment the tube doors open, while there are a bunch of people wanting to get out. Bit of room, bit of patience, maybe? I'm slowly learning to use casually use my elbow and nudge those type of people away, but it doesn't really help. This is a great little anecdote of what one girl did in the same type of situation. Pure brilliance…
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