A couple of weeks ago, Cristiano and I met up with Carlo and Fabiana in Regent’s Park for a photo shoot… where we were the models. Now neither of us are that natural when it comes to posing for photos, but I love love love how some of these photos turned out. Thanks Carlo and Fabiana!

We’ve got a whole collection of photos to choose from and we’re slowly going through them and uploading them. So far we’ve only got four of them online (on mine and Cristiano’s Flickr account), but keep an eye out for more.

We don’t have a lot of photos of the two of us together, mainly cause most of the time we’re the ones taking the photos. So I was pretty happy to have some photos of us, like this one:

Melinda & Cristiano

This photo was a bit of an experiment, but the effect is nice and quirky:


Besides some photos of the two of us, we also wanted some new profile pics. Here’s one cool one of Cristiano:


And here’s a really cool one of me:

Miss Geeky

I’m wondering now: should I change my avatar again?