I’m not sure how I managed to miss these videos. The Cars Toons are a animated short series by Pixar featuring the characters Mater and Lightning McQueen from the 2006 animation Cars. The first three all aired last October on the Disney Channel and ABC Family, while the fourth one was shown before the theatrical release of Bolt.

All the toons follow the same formule: Mater tells some tall story about something he did in the past. The fourth is the funniest (and also the one with the largest budget), so I’ll start with that one:

Tokyo Mater

[Watch the videos on MissGeeky.com]

Rescue Squad Mater

El Materdor

There’s also a third toon called Mater the Greater, but the embedding of that video was disabled. In my opinion it’s the least funniest of the four, check it out on YouTube to see it for yourself.

I love the Tokyo video; the setting is just spot on! (while I liked Tokyo Drift, it’s fun to see a parody of it) The appearance of the Cars characters are great too; Mia and Tia are adorable in their outfits, and the pit crew cars remain hilarious. You can see that the other three videos have less of a budget (and effort) behind it; while kind of funny, they aren’t as rememberable as the Tokyo one. I do hope we see more of sequels to these though; can you imagine what other stuff they might put Mater in?

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