Ooh, I love these type of posters! Subscribers to Edge (gaming magazine) each received a poster with their latest issue, portraying a city rendered in pixels. Created by illustrator Gary Lucken, it contains tons of references to videogames. Unlike the movie Cryptic Canvas from yesterday though, the references are pretty straightforward (not cryptic). Still there are a lot of references that I don’t get. 


[Click on the image to get a larger version]

It reminds me a lot of the eBoy posters (we’ve got the FooBar poster, although we haven’t found a frame to hang it in our new place), it’s a poster you can stare for at ages and still not have found all the things hidden in it. I wish there was a higher resolution online version available though; there are some references I think I get, but it just too tiny to be sure. 

Via Wonderland