I really enjoyed The Hunger Games. I loved the first book and I think the movie adaption managed to stay quite true to the story. So of course I’ve been looking forward to its sequel, Catching Fire!

I loved the marketing for the first movie where they focused on the kooky couture of the Capital, and I’m quite glad they’re doing that here again. Eleven portraits have been released of the main characters, each wearing the latest high fashion. I couldn’t find a full list of what designers were used; does anybody know?












It’s less than a week to the Oscars and like every year I’m quite excited for it. I’ve been doing my best to watch most of the nominated movies; I’ve managed to come quite far, missing only a couple of the movies with multiple nominations.

I love some of the designs Olly Moss has created in the past, and this year he’s worked with The Academy and Gallery 1988 to create the official “85 Years of Oscars” poster for the 85th Academy Awards. It features the golden statue as the Best Picture winner of each year.

It’s awesome. I recommend having a look at the large version to see all the details.


How many Best Picture winners can you recognize?

If you’re following me on Twitter, you might be swamped by my tweets about this by now, but: I’m going to the BAFTAs! I’m getting tickets to the red carpet, the awards ceremony and the dinner afterwards. I’m super excited and still a little bit in a state of disbelief. I’m hoping I can tweet on the night itself (fingers crossed that the Royal Opera House will have good reception), but I’ll definitely be writing up a blog post about the night!

Each year BAFTA selects an illustrator to create imagery based on the five Best Film nominations for the tickets, programs and menus on the night. This year they’ve been designed by Jonathan Burton from Handsome Frank and the posters look awesome. Each of the film posters has a limited run of 100 editions for £60 (plus P&P) in the Handsome Frank shop. They don’t seem to be sold out yet, so if you really love one of these posters now’s the time to get it!






I can’t wait to see which of these will be on my program! My favourite is the Argo one, even though that wasn’t my favourite film. Which one is your favourite?

Via FirstShowing

These posters from etsy store Rowan Stocks More are just gorgeous! My favourite is the Peter Pan one; I can so imagine having this framed in my living room.

Source: 9gag.com via Lydia on Pinterest

The Avengers is finally out today! I know I should call it with the actual name it came out under here (Avengers Assemble), but it just doesn’t sound right. I’ve been looking forward to a movie called The Avengers, not a movie called Avengers Assemble.

I was lucky enough though to see the movie 2 weeks ago, and it’s awesome! It’s exactly what I was hoping it would be. I loved the banter between some of the characters, and there are some brilliant one-liners and funny dialogue. Plus of course the action scenes are amazing.

To tie in with The Avengers opening Mondo has created some gorgeous character posters. All of them are sadly sold out already, except for the Iron Man poster which hasn’t been released yet. They’re a bit pricey, but I so would have loved to have these hanging on my walls. I love the colour scheme of the Hawkeye poster, but my favourite is the Iron Man one. Which one is your favourite?

I’m still a bit hesitant about The Last Airbender movie. I loved the Nickelodeon cartoon on which it is based (Avatar: The Last Airbender, renamed to only The Last Airbender so that people wouldn’t get confused with Avatar) and I’m still not sure whether we even need a movie version of this.

Still, I am curious to how the visuals of this is going to be. The world of The Last Airbender is so rich, with weird creatures, cool powers and a ton of beautiful settings. I can’t wait to see how this translates to the big screen, seeing all this stuff in “real life” (well, calling it *real life* is a bit silly, cause we all know it’s going to be CGI, but you know what I mean).

So far everything I’ve seen is spot-on and these two new posters add to that:

The Last Airbender - Aang

The Last Airbnder - Zuko

As I said I am really loving the look so far of The Last Airbender. I’m just hoping the kids in this can act and actually make the characters as likable as in the TV show. And that they don’t butcher the entire story…

Via /Film

Ooh, I love these type of posters! Subscribers to Edge (gaming magazine) each received a poster with their latest issue, portraying a city rendered in pixels. Created by illustrator Gary Lucken, it contains tons of references to videogames. Unlike the movie Cryptic Canvas from yesterday though, the references are pretty straightforward (not cryptic). Still there are a lot of references that I don’t get. 


[Click on the image to get a larger version]

It reminds me a lot of the eBoy posters (we’ve got the FooBar poster, although we haven’t found a frame to hang it in our new place), it’s a poster you can stare for at ages and still not have found all the things hidden in it. I wish there was a higher resolution online version available though; there are some references I think I get, but it just too tiny to be sure. 

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Happy Star Wars Day!

May 4th, 2009

May the 4th Be With You! I know, I know, it’s cheesy, but surprisingly today’s actually the first time I’ve heard this joke.

I wouldn’t have posted anything about it, but I came across these posters from Disney for the Disney Star Wars Weekend. Apparently May the 4th isn’t the only “Star Wars Day“, another one is also on May 25th, in honor of the release date of the first movie. During that week Disney has a special Star Wars event at their Hollywood Studios theme park, with special shows, presentations and appearances of Star Wars actors. 

Now for this weekend Disney has got a couple of posters to promote the event. I found this one the cutest (and funniest):


Check out the other three posters at /Film.

Okay, this isn’t really a photo, but still it’s pretty cool. Crazy 4 Cult is an art show in LA, hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. This cool poster was specially designed for this event; it’s full of cult movie characters and it’s one of those posters you can send hours looking at, yet still discovering new things. Now this isn’t even the full poster, just a snapshot. For the full version, head on over to /Film, it’s definitely worth a look. How many characters can you recognize?

Threadless Wall Graphics

July 17th, 2008

Regular readers of this blog know how much I love my Threadless tees. I’ve got 6 of them myself at the moment and have bought 7 as presents for others. And I keep seeing more designs that I want. I’m not typically a t-shirt person, so it’s really the designs that makes me want to buy them. That’s why these new products are perfect for me.

Threadless Wall Designs - Fake Pandas Have More Fun Threadless Wall Designs - 99 Luftballons Threadless Wall Designs - Moon Kite

They’ve been around for some time now, but Threadless (teaming up with Blik) offer also wall graphics of a select number of their designs. And most of them are so pretty! Depending on the size and complexity of the design, the price ranges from $30 to $50. It’s not something I could justify buying right now (not with the small flat we have, wouldn’t be worth it), but I can imagine once I have a larger place getting a couple of these.

Threadless Wall Designs - Stone Jungle Threadless Wall Designs - Insomnia Threadless Wall Designs - Splatter in D Minor

The wall designs consist (most of the times) out of multiple smaller stickers, so you’re not restricted to arranging them in the same way as the original design. There are a couple designs that are also part of the Re-Stik collection, specially designed so you can use them over and over again (perfect for kids).

Threadless Wall Designs - Alphabet 1 Threadless Wall Designs - Alphabet 2

The US shop only delivers to US and Canada, but there is also an overseas distributor in the UK. Sadly though, this is more expensive (for instance £40 instead of $45), but it’s better than not being able to get them at all. To see all the designs head on over to the Blik website.