I’ve been avidly following all the coverage from Comic Con; with attendees Twittering and live blogging, it almost feels like you’re there yourself (nah, not really: no sweaty people, no waiting in queues, but then again no seeing really cool features and the celebrities up close). At last year’s Comic Con the great surprise was a very early teaser of the at-that-time-not-even-announced sequel to Tron. This year we get some more VFX concept footage, showing a bit more of the actual world.

After a couple of temporary names like Tron2, Tron 2.0, Tr2N, it’s now finally be revealed to be called Tron Legacy. I won’t say anything more, just watch the footage first (there’s also a high def version available on the site Flynn Lives, which I’d highly recommend seeing):

Yep, if you hadn’t come across it yet, Jeff Bridges returns as Kevin Flynn! I think this trailer looks awesome; it’s been ages ago that I last saw the first movie, but I just love the visual style, and it looks like this could be a worthy follow-up.

Curious Fact of the Day: Tron was disqualified from the Academy Awards nominations for best visual effects, because using computers was deemed “cheating”.