Episode 144: “Mauw”

I actually thought I had blogged about this video when it came out 3 weeks ago, but with all the stuff I’ve got going I somehow forgot to actually write the post (you know how sometimes you have a dream just before waking up, that you’re waking up, getting out of bed and going through all the motions of getting ready for work? And then you realize you were actually still asleep and dreaming? Like that but for a blog post.)

You all must be familiar with Simon’s Cat by now (Cat Man Do, Let Me In and TV Dinner, The Fly), so enjoy the latest episode of his antics:

I was also thrilled to find out there’s also now an actual Simon’s Cat book and it’s only ¬£6.48 on Amazon.co.uk. I think it could make a perfect Christmas present for someone (right along with the Bunny Suicides).