Me Wantz: Bookrest

November 19th, 2009

Most of the time I’ll be reading several books through each other, so my bedside stand always has a huge stack of books on it.I don’t really have room for those though; if it was just two or three books it might have been okay, but most of the time it’s more like 9-10 books. I’ve thought of possible solutions, like a special separate mini book shelf above my bed, but never have gotten around to actually implementing something.

At first glance, this design seemed perfect:

Me Wantz Bookrest

Don’t you love the little glasses hook? I’m wondering though how much this would ‘damage’ the book. I already hate using bookmarks (they cause unnatural creases in your books, I find. Then again I get slightly panicked whenever there’s a fold in anything made of paper I own) and I can’t help but worry what these would do to my books (yeah, I know, I’m weird). Plus I can already imagine me bumping my head against these at 3 in the morning.

Despite my moaning though: super cute design!

Via swissmiss