I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself right now! I just solved the postcard puzzle from Tron, without having all the pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

I wrote about the retro arcade game postcards last week, and each card came with a black strip on the back. Under UV light each design showed a different series of dots. The idea was to layer these dots to spell out something. Up until today there were only 4 designs and we couldn’t get closer to solving the puzzle.

Today 2 new cards were released though, and I managed to figure it out with only 1 of those. The letters spelled out ENCOMGAMES-OT– with the dashes being unknown letters. I guessed that it would have to be ENCOMGAMES DOT something something, leading to some url, so started trying out different letter combos. Pretty quickly I stumbled on the solution! ENCOMGAMES.JP

It’s completely in Japanese (of course) and leads to a new Flash game: Circuit Cycles. Give it a go, it gets pretty tricky quickly. On to the next puzzle!

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