Miss Geeky Knomo Sale

July 5th, 2012

I ended up buying some gorgeous bags last week at the Knomo sample sale, but now I realize I have too many of them… and not enough space to keep all of them. So I’ll be selling three of them here for my lovely followers! If you’re interested in one of the bags, email me at melinda@missgeeky.com.

Knomo Thala 15.4"

Lovely yellow Knomo Thala shoulder bag for a 15.4″ laptop. It’s got two pockets on the outside, one side of which has two mini pockets within it suitable for Oyster cards or gadgets. Inside it, one side has a laptop pouch, which is meant for a 15.4″ laptop, although a 13″ MacBook also fits nicely in it and doesn’t feel too loose. The other side has a big zipped pocket and a couple of smaller pockets for gadgets. £30

Knomo 11"

Red Silvi messenger bag for an 11″ laptop or iPad. Small pocket on the outside for an Oyster card or something else small and flat. On the inside there’s a padded laptop compartment on one side, and a zipped pocket on the other. The pouch fits an 11″ MacBookAir or an iPad. The main compartment does fit my 13″ MacBookAir, but it isn’t as padded as the pouch. £25

Knomo 13"

Unique 13″ laptop shoulder bag. It’s a sample bag of the Rubi design (I think), but it’s in a color scheme that as far as I can tell never got picked up as an actual line. So it really is one-in-a-kind. I’ve had this bag for over a year now, but I’ve barely used it (I think I’ve used it like 3 times in total). It’s got thin pouches on both sides, handy for your Oyster card and small flat gadgets. Inside there’s a padded laptop pouch on one side, and a handy wall of pockets on the other. £40 Sold

If you’re interested in any of the bags, email me at melinda@missgeeky.com. I’m fine with shipping to anywhere you want, but you’ll have to cover the deliver costs (if you’re in London, I’m happy to meetup).

I love attending Knomo’s sample sale; I always find up ending some awesomely discounted product. Over the years I’ve ended up with quite some stuff: 7 laptop bags, 3 laptop sleeves and 2 iPod covers. To be fair, I have been going to them for the past 3 years and with them being twice year that averages to 2 products per sale… plus I haven’t kept all of those for myself, they make great presents for family and friends.

With that intro it won’t surprise you that I am hereby informing you about the next Knomo sample sale:

Date: Thursday 28th June and Friday 29th June
Time: 11am – 7pm
Address: 83 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LS

As with the past sample sales, they should be selling an interesting collection of sample products, ranging from laptop bags to iPad covers. While Knomo is mainly known for their women’s range of products, they also have a pretty good selection for guys (and most of the iPod/iPad products are quite neutral already).

I’ve ended up with some awesome one-of-a-kind pieces, and I’m really curious to see what they’ll have this time around! I could do with a new MacBook Air sleeve…

It’s been a while since I last wrote about them, but I love knomo’s laptop bags. They’re the perfect combination of pwetty and practical. And this week they’ll have another sample sale! Squeee!

The sample sale is this Thursday and Friday at the London knomo office. Here are the full details:

Date: Thursday 15th December, and Friday 16th December
Time: 11am – 7pm
Address: 83 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LS

I’ve been to two of their sample sales in the past and each time I’ve ended up buying a shiny new laptop bag for only £50. Both of those laptop bags were unique pieces and I’m so glad I got them! And even though I have two already, I am very tempted to get another if something interesting catches my eye… I’m hoping they might have a Silvi, cause I need a bag like that for my laptop! Fingers crossed…

Even though my day isn’t going completely as planned, there are some things happening today that are quite awesome. The lovely folks at knomo have given me one of their laptop bags to give away to a lucky reader! And it’s a limited edition colour: Raspberry.

Pretty, right? The colour isn’t even available anymore in stores, so it really is a special sleeve! It’s for a 15″ laptop (37x27x4 cm or 14.6×10.6×1.6 in) and comes with a detachable strap. I reviewed this bag some months ago (read here): it’s somewhere halfway between a sleeve and a real laptop bag. There’s a main compartment for your laptop and a side pocket for your cables, adapter and other stuff.

Knomo Bag Review

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment behind with what you favourite post of mine has been. You’ll also get a second entry if you’re following me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway with the hashtag #missgeeky. The competition ends on March 1st 15:00 after which I’ll randomly draw a winner!

I’ve been writing about Knomo’s laptop bags for a while now, so regular readers should know how much I love their bags. They’re the perfect balance of geeky and girly: enough space, compartments and padding for all your gadgets, yet still so gorgeously designed!

A couple of months ago I managed to go to Knomo’s sample sale and bought myself a beautiful Helena sample bag for only £50. I got tons of replies on Twitter at the time of people not having heard about the sale (although I did blog about it then too!!), so for those of you who missed that one… Knomo are having another sample sale!

The sale is this week on Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th from 12pm-7pm at the Knomo press office (58 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7QE). Last time they had a great selection of bags from the current collections, as well as iPod and iPhone covers.

Did you see my review last week of the Slim laptop bag from Knomo? Well, if you want one for yourself, now’s the time to get it. Knomo are holding a sample sale next week, with some bags being sold with 70% off!

The sale will be held on the 14th & 15th July from 12pm – 7pm at the Knomo press office (58 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7QE). I’m not sure yet which bags will go on sale, but if you’ve been eyeing a Knomo bag now is definitely a time to check them out and score some major discounts!

I’ve been eyeing Knomo’s bags for a while now, and they have some gorgeous designs. I was lucky enough to try out two of their 13″ bags/sleeves: the Lima Max and the Slim. Next week you can expect my review about the Lima Max, today’s one is about the Slim.

I got to try out a beautiful red 13″ Slim. Knomo sells these as a sleeve, but I find it’s somewhere between a simple sleeve and full blown laptop bag. There’s one huge compartment for your laptop, but at the back of the sleeve there’s an exterior pouch, perfect for your power cable, screen adapter and whatever other small laptop accessories you carry with you.

The top part of the sleeve is leather, while the rest is quilted nylon. I love the quilted design; it looks great, but it also makes sure that your laptop is sufficiently padded and protected. And it’s light!

Knomo Bag Review

The Slim has a retractable padded handle that fits nicely in your hand and you can carry it around as a simple handbag (like in the picture above). What I loved though is that it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap that you can easily clip on and use the sleeve as a shoulder/cross-body bag.

The one thing I didn’t like was the zipper; it’s a bit tricky to navigate the zippers around the corners, making it a bit of a hassle to take your laptop out. I’m guessing if you use the bag regularly though you’ll get used to it.

Knomo Bag Review Knomo Bag Review

For me this is the perfect ‘extra’ bag. If you already have a pretty handbag which you use daily, but doesn’t fit your laptop, the Slim would make a great companion. I used it this way last week, and while it felt a bit silly having 2 bags with me, at least I knew my laptop was nicely protected in its own bag. As a sleeve it’s a bit bulkier than most, and not the type of thing you’d put in another bag (which I normally do with my other thinner sleeve).

The Knomo Slim is available in 4 sizes (10″, 13″, 15″ and 17″) and seven colours (Black, Brown, Blue, Indigo, Red, Dusty Pink and Silver), although not all colours are available for all sizes. At £50 for the 13″ it’s on the pricey side for sleeves, but as a simple bag it’s actually a good deal.

I stumbled on another store with cool decals for your laptop: Ivy Bee. There are a couple of pretty funny designs, really integrating the apple logo into them.

Take for instance this decal featuring Isaac Newton:

Ivy Bee - Isaac Newton

Or this one with Robin Hood:

Ivy Bee - Robin Hood

Then there’s the obvious Eve and the Apple and the snake:

Ivy Bee - Eve

Lady Gaga:

Ivy Bee - Lady Gaga

But my favourite has to be My Little Pony:

Ivy Bee - Pony

The decals are made from durable high grade gloss finish vinyl. Decals are self adhesive making them easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind. This material is specifically made for this application and will last a very long time outdoors. The decals all cost $12.99 with shipping costs $1.00 for US and $5.00 for everywhere else. Check out Ivy Bee’s store for more information.

GelaSkins has added a new artist to their ever growing collection of skins: Frank Miller! These skins look awesome:

Frank Miller Gelaskin 1

There are six designs in total, some available for iPhones, others only for laptops (depending on the shape of the image).

Frank Miller Gelaskin 2

Take a look at the artist page on GelaSkins.com to see all of Frank Miller’s available designs.

In the past week alone I’ve come across 4 different laptop decal shops and 3 pretty laptop bags, and I knew it was time to start blogging more about these pretty things I stumble upon.

I’ll start with a laptop decal design store that has been around for some time now and most of you might have come across already: the etsy store Movie Magic Man. He’s got some wonderful MacBook designs there, each integrating the Apple logo into the design. Here are my favourites:

Iron Man Decal – $16.00


Batman Decal – $16.00

Batman Decal

Eve, The Serpent and Your Apple – $17.00

Eve Decal

Snow White – $15.00

Snow White Decal

Mickey Mouse – $13.00

Mickey Mouse Decal

There are even more designs in Movie Magic Man’s store, like Street Fighter, Lego and even Twilight designs. Shipping costs are $1.00 if you’re in the US and $5.00 for everywhere else.