Back in February I blogged about 5 Geeky Necklaces and ended up getting 2 of them for my birthday. My favourite one which I wear a lot is the Portal necklace from etsy store Land of Rapture.

I’ve been eyeing a second necklace from this store for a while, and now I’ve finally ordered it! It’s the Assassin’s Creed Crest one and I love how it looks:

I can’t wait until it gets delivered and I can wear it. It’s so pretty!

The store has a ton of other cool geeky necklaces and I was tempted to buy a couple of them. The necklaces are almost all between £9 and £12. Here are my favourites:

Star Trek Enterprise Diagram for $16/£10.48

Batman for $16/£10.48:

Companion Cube for $16/£10.48:

Zelda Cameo for $16/£10.48:

Kirkwall Crest for $17/£11.14: