I always like seeing the different funny stuff people come up with for April Fool’s; it’s amazing how creative some people will get. It’s been a while since I fell for something during it, but it’s so much fun just to see what people have created. Here are my favourites of this year:

1. Assassin’s Creed for Kinect

This starts off as pretty plausible, but slowly gets less and less likely. I love the Assassin’s Creed games (although the last one was a bit disappointing) and the moves here are just as recognizable.

2. Mass Effect Cartoon

Ridiculous, but funny:

3. ThinkGeek’s Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

Like most ThinkGeek’s April 1st announced products I actually think they might make this if there’s enough interest (it’s $39.99 on ThinkGeek).

4. CatBlock

The AdBlock browser extension announced they were making a special CatBlock version of their extension that would replace all ads on a page with photos of cats. The thing I find really funny is that the creator used photoshopped photos of my cat Casey!

5. Google Street Roo

The Google Australia blog reported yesterday that the Australia Street Car team (that drives around taking photos for Google Map’s Street View) would be expanded with kangaroos with cameras strapped to their heads. This way they’d be able to collect photos of Australia’s outback.

These drawings from viria13 on deviantart are awesome! They’re exactly how I imagine animation princesses would look in real life 🙂

My favourite is Belle (of course), although I would have loved to see a version of her blue dress too.

Cool Stuff: Can You Crack It?

November 21st, 2011

Regular readers of Miss Geeky will know how much I love a good puzzle, and this site is definitely an interesting puzzle. Go to canyoucrackit.co.uk and take a look. Intrigued? I am.

This could take me a while. I always love code-cracking type games, like MacHeist and some of the more interesting movie virals. Most of those though have been quite easy, using simple substitution cyphers. Having been to Bletchley Park last month (which you all should do, cause the place is awesome) made me realize how intricate and crafty some codes can be.

And this one looks like it could be quite intricate and crafty. Just look at the last line: "9d ff ff ff 41 41 41 41". With those repeats, I don't think it's going to be a simple substitution. Plus the combination of letters and numbers is throwing me off.

So: can you crack it? Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?

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Viral video by ebuzzing

Cool Stuff: Disney Punch

March 16th, 2011

I’m still looking forward to Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch; it looks weird, fun and slightly insane! I saw this video in my Twitter feed a couple of times and knew I just had to share it with you guys. Disney princesses mashed up with Sucker Punch. Awesome:

In the days leading up to the last Barcamp London (back in November) Tom Scott asked if I wanted to help out with one of his projects: You Against The World. The idea was to do a live quiz, with the 100 people in the audience answering questions (through these cool multiple-choice handheld thingies), but also allowing players online to participate. I think we even got #yatw to trend on Twitter that evening!

I got to be the co-host for the quiz, doing the behind-the-scene game control and giving random bits of info about the answers and online players:

It was great fun recording this all! I’m not great on camera (I still look like a complete idiot every time I try to smile with my braces), but that’s exactly why I wanted to do this. I still get so nervous any time I’m in front of a camera and really need to get over my nerves. And what better way than practice?

For more info about You Against The World and to see more of Tom’s projects, check out his website.

I haven’t done a proper New Year’s resolutions blog post this year, but one of the things I want to try to do is workout more. I’ve been trying to do more pilates and Wii sport (yeah, I know that’s not “proper” working out, but it’s COLD outside), but I really need to get out of the house more and start running again.

So when Nike contacted me whether I wanted to order a pair of shoes through their online store for free, I thought that was a great way to get running again! About 3 years ago, I ordered a gorgeous pair of Nike shoes which I completely customized (see above). You could choose your own colours, put special text on them and even choose different size shoes per foot. Now for most people that last option is completely useless, but for me with my two different sized feet (which is so very very annoying) it’s perfect. I wish more companies offered the option of doing that!

After looking around on the Nike website though, I realized that I’m still perfectly happy with the Nike pair I still have. They are 3 years old, but still perfectly fine. So instead I surprised Cristiano with a gift voucher! He customized a cool pair of running shoes, so that we can start jogging together again.

The Nike store customization site isn’t much different than it was 3 years ago. There’s quite a huge range of models to pick from, and with each model you can choose from a range of colours (and in some cases also materials). Then with some designs you can choose different sizes per foot, and the type of width (narrow, regular or wide). Finally, with almost all the shoes you can specify your “iD”, special text that can be anything you want, although it depends per model where that text is placed and how many characters you have (with some it’s on the heel, others on the side, and with others on the front).

The easiest way to customize a pair is to start off with a blank pair. You can then see exactly which pieces of the shoes you can choose the colour for and keep track of which ones you’ve already selected. Btw, if you’ve got the Nike+ iPod set (or plan to get one in the future), make sure you pick a model with a + in the name; those designs have special compartments in the soles to place the iPod transmitter.

Here’s the design Cristiano ended up with:

It might be a bit of a cheesy tip, but for me having a pair of pretty jogging shoes, ones that I actually put some of my own time into designing, is a great way to motivate myself to run again. Just looking at the pair above makes me wanna go outside and run again!

If you want to design your own pair of Nike shoes, check out the Nike store. Fill in the code FREEDEL at checkout to receive free delivery.

I’ve been following the Tron viral ever since it started and I’m so glad they’re not only limiting the game to US only (unlike some of the other viral out there). There hasn’t been a proper real life event yet overseas, but they have been sending out their goodies to all over the world.

A couple of months ago I got my very own Encom employee’s badge, and now I received a very cool postcard:

Tron Viral - Astro Gunner

Tron Viral - Astro Gunner

See that black bar on the bottom? If you hold the card under a UV light, small squares appear on it. There are 4 different cards so far (Astro Gunner, Arc Wars, Kraz-bot and Vice Squad) with 4 different bars on the back. Nobody has solved the black bar puzzle yet though, and most think we’re still missing some vital clues (like maybe a 5th or a 6th card).

Check out the Unfiction forum for more theories and clues about the Tron viral game.

I’ll often come across an Etsy designer with some cute stuff, but today’s one has so many lovely items! I’ve posted my favourites here, but there are so many more cute designs:

The Secret Place – $16.00

The Secret Place

Mrs Owl – $30.00

Mrs Owl

A Pack of Cards – $28.00

A Pack of Cards

I Love You – $15.00


Check out Grigio’s Etsy store for more designs.

I love quirky jewelry and this designer is certainly unlike any I’ve seen. A(r)mor designs body chain jewelry, each design different than the other. I’m not sure whether I’d ever wear something like this (doesn’t exactly fit with my wardrobe), but I do find some of these pieces beautifully unique.




For more designs head on over to A(r)mor’s Etsy store.

Via Kingdom of Style

I still have to see My Neighbour Totoro and Ponyo (two of the few Studio Gibli movies I haven’t seen yet), but I know how adorable the characters can be. And these necklaces with them are just super cute:




I don’t think I’d actually wear something like this, but it’s still pretty. The necklaces are available in the Gypsy’s Jewels Etsy store for $12.00.