One of my favourite new shows last year was Once Upon A Time. I initially thought it was a little bit too cheesy, but I ended up really liking how it managed to balance “fairytale world” story lines with “our world” story lines. It also had one of the more surprising season finales, and I’m so excited to see what season 2 will bring.

A new trailer came out for season 2 and it looks like it could be great!

BEWARE: After the video there’ll be spoilers for season 1 (if you haven’t seen season 1, go and watch it!)

It’s going to be interesting to see how everyone deals with actually knowing who they are now! I also wonder what this means for the fairytale characters who had powers. Regina regains her powers, but does that mean Red/Ruby and the fairies do too? Would be awesome to see Red shift in this world too!

I love that Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is now a season regular; Belle has always been my favourite Disney character and I loved her episodes with Rumpelstiltskin last year. Let’s hope she’ll make old Rumpy a bit more loveable. We also get our first glimpse of some new characters: I noticed Hook and Mulan, I think Hook will make an awesome bad guy! From what I’ve heard we’ll also be seeing the Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty this year.

TeeFury is holding a TwoFury! A battle between two tees: which one will win? My favourite of the two is Kaylee’s Shiny Spacecraft Repair:

Awesome t-shirt! If I didn’t have so many t-shirts already, I’d so get this one! It’s also currently winning from the other design by quite a bit. I think that’s because the other one isn’t quite as obvious:

Jurassic Park meets Baby from Dinosaurs. I like his other catchphrase better though: “Not the mama!”

Wow, awesome fan video created by fiercynn and scribe, set to We Didn’t Start The Fire. What they’ve tried to do though is pair each lyric with a relevant clip from fandom (like matching “Joe Dimaggio” with Illya Kuryakin from The Man from U.N.C.L.E swinging a baseball bat). They’ve included so many geeky movies and TV shows!

Use the password fandom! to watch the video (including the exclamation mark).

I realized though there were some references within the song that I didn’t get, but this site helps with that. I really need to rewatch this video a couple of times; each time I see it I discover new things!

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Somehow with all the Olympic stuff happening I managed to completely miss this new Doctor Who trailer:

Can’t wait till this airs! Series 7 will have 6 episodes airing in 2012 (including the Christmas special), and 8 episodes in 2013. Amy and Rory will appear in the first 5 episodes, while a new companion will be introduced in the Christmas special.

I’m still trying to catch up with all the Comic-Con stuff that happened last weekend; there were so many awesome panels and press conferences! I keep saying it each year, but I really need to at least attend one once; it just seems like the ultimate geek event.

One of the highlights of last year was the Game of Thrones panel, so of course I was looking forward to this year’s one. This time we got again George R R Martin moderating and on the panel we had series producer Carolyn Strauss, Richard Madden (Robb Stark), Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark), Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), Rose Leslie (Ygritte), and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen).

Besides that panel, they also announced 14 (!!) new characters for Season 3! And I love some of the castings, they’re just spot on. The main one that pops out is Diana Rigg as the Queen of Thorns, Olenna Tyrell; I hadn’t heard her name mentioned at all in all the fan dream castings, but I think she’s brilliant for this. So looking forward to see her in action! Here’s the video announcing all the new cast:

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Here’s the second part of my TV Show Retrospective! I’ve received some questions on why I’m not reviewing shows like Homeland and Touch. Well, I’m simply not doing them, cause I haven’t seen them myself. I do need to catch up on them, but it would be a bit silly to cover them here, while I’ve never watched a single episode.

What new shows have you been watching? Do you agree with my reviews?

The Legend of Korra

Plot: Set a 100 years after The Last Airbender, it revolves around the new Avatar Korra as she learns the art of airbending.

The season finale of this aired just last weekend and: WOW! I love this show. The writers have done a great job doing it a bit different this time around. The characters are older (which allows for some more realistic scenarios and romantic subplots), the world is more awesome (it’s set in a sort of steampunk/early 1920s New York) and the story is again intriguing and compelling. You really get the feeling that the writers have figured out exactly where they are going, and not making it up as they go along. Instead of having other benders as the villains (like the did in The Last Airbender), now the bad guys are anti-bending… and it raises a lot of interesting questions and issues for you to think about.


Plot: A detective from 2077 accidentally gets transported back to our time together with a group of terrorists.

Yay, for a sci-fi show! It’s not the best sci-fi, but for a summer show it’s at least fulfilling part of my craving for a good ol’ SF plot. Rachel Nichols (last season of Alias, G.I. Joe) plays Kiera Cameron, a detective from a futuristic, well, future. As with Terra Nova, Continuum suffers from the face that the future world looks so much more interesting then our time; in 2077 the US government has collapsed and is now controlled by mega-corporations, with terrorists fighting for freedom against that corporate regime. Each episode though we do at least get to spend some time in the future with Kiera flashing back to events in her past, and it gives an interesting view of the future. The show opens with you briefly thinking that it’s the terrorists you should be rooting for, but you soon find out that Kiera is a detective working for the corporate government. It’s an interesting take on things, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a twist sometime soon. I also like how the show deals with the time travel aspect, explaining the different scenarios (is this a separate timeline? Or is she influencing her own past?).


Plot: A young woman returns to the Hamptons to take down the family that put her father in jail.

This initially got promoted as “based on The Count of Monte Cristo”. I’ve never gotten around to reading that, but now I’m certainly curious to see how many elements they initially grabbed out of the book. Emily VanCamp is great as Emily/Amanda, making her likeable and relatable, yet also apprehensible in her need for vengeance. It’s a thin line to balance on, and with a worse actress this show could have quickly gone wrong. Just as fascinating is Madelaine Stowe as the Grayson’s family matriarch Victoria; you can just feel her contempt and cunning in every scene she’s in. The first few episodes felt quite “story-of-the-week” and stand-alone-ish, but as the show progressed it got less procedural and much more entwined and intriguing. I also love the clothes in this show! Both Emily and Victoria get to wear some awesome dresses (although Ashley’s dresses are more similar to my own style).

New Girl

Plot: A sitcom version of every Zooey Deschanel movie.

New Girl can be funny and cringe-worthy at the same time. Jess is such a quirky character, that sometimes you don’t know if you’re supposed to like her or be annoyed by her. I also occasionally recognize bits of myself in her… and cringe cause I can imagine myself doing similar things (I’m not sure how much that says about me).

2 Broke Girls

Plot: Uptown ex-rich dumb blonde and working class sarcastic brunette start a cupcake business.

My rule with sitcoms is: if it makes me laugh at least once per episode, it’s worth watching. And 2 Broke Girls definitely achieves that. It’s not the smartest bit of television currently on air and some of the jokes are obvious and borderline offensive, but it’s still a lot of fun.


Plot: The creator of Grey’s Anatomy + a “fixer” in Washington, D.C.

Olivia Pope “fixes” things. Problems, scandals, her firm handles them and deals with the media until they go away or until people think differently about them. The first season is only 7 episodes (a trial run to see how it got received), but has now already been renewed for a full season. I’m amazed how much they got to fit in just 7 episodes! By episode 6 you’re already invested in Olivia’s character and her relationships with certain people. By focusing so much on Olivia though, the other characters at her firm get kind of sidelined; this show feels as if it should be an ensemble show and it has characters that look interesting enough, but so far I don’t think we’ve seen enough of them yet. The glimpses that we have seen though are very intriguing and I’m hoping we’ll see more of them next season (judging by the season finale though, I think we will).

It’s been almost a month since the 2011/2012 TV season ended, giving me enough time to catch up on some of the shows and finally watch their season finales. I thought when this season started that there weren’t going to be any new good shows; most of the trailers at the time didn’t seem that interesting and a lot of the pilot episodes just didn’t catch my eye. Looking back now though I have to admit it was an okay season for new shows, especially the more girly ones!

I tend to have a short-list of shows I’ll watch straight away and shows that will go on the back burner for when I’ve run out of the “good” stuff (or keep them for during summer). And some of the new shows went straight to the top of my short-list (some of them it took a while to get into, others are still on the back burner). My only complaint: we need more scifi on TV!

Btw, all the shows I’m reviewing here have been picked up for the next season. Yay! The only show that I was really watching that didn’t get picked up was Terra Nova which I have to admit wasn’t that great (it had a lot of potential though). There are also some new shows that I’m skipping here (like Touch and Grimm), cause I just haven’t had the time to watch those yet.

This post turned out to be quite long, so I’ve split it up into two parts. Come back tomorrow for my thoughts on Revenge, The Legend of Korra, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Scandal and Continuum.

Person of Interest

Plot: What if a machine existed that could analyze all CCTV footage, all phone calls, all transactions, all online activity and based off of these could predict when crimes happened?

If you can suspend your belief of such a machine existing, Person of Interest is a great show. Each episode the “machine” provides our main characters with the social security number of someone who will be involved in a crime, but they don’t know whether this person will be the victim or the perpetrator. It’s a good setup for a procedural “crime-of-the-week” show and could have easily gone the wrong way of procedurals, but Person of Interest stays interesting by adding two mysterious protagonists and a couple of intriguing season story arches.

It’s produced by JJ Abrams and created by Jonathan Nolan, so that should tell you how twisty and mysterious this will get. Michael Emerson (Ben in Lost) plays Harold Finch, the software genius that created the machine, and Jim Caviezel plays John Reese, the ex soldier with a very shady past. I love the banter between these two, and as the season progresses you find out more and more about both of them. While the actual technology behind the machine seems unlikely and glossed over at times (just the amount of processing power needed to do what the machine does is even now still unthinkable), I find the show does handle the consequences of dealing with such a machine in the right way.


Plot: Behind the scenes of creating a musical about Marilyn Monroe. 

What do you get if you add Steven Spielberg, the composer and lyricist of Hairspray and a bunch of Broadway and Hollywood actors? Smash. The show is about all the people involved in getting a Broadway musical off the ground: Julia (Debra Messing), the lyricist, and her writing partner/composer, Tom (Christian Borle); Derek (Jack Davenport), the annoying director; Eileen (Anjelica Houston), the producer; and the two contenders for the role of Marilyn, small town girl and newbie Karen (Katherine McPhee) and, seasoned Broadway performer, Ivy (Megan Hilty).

What I love about is Smash is how it actually is creating new songs for a potentially new musical. There are some awesome numbers in the first season, and throughout the season I kept wishing I could see this musical on stage. The weakness of the show though is clearly in its storytelling; while the main thread of creating the musical is interesting and handled right, there are a couple of side stories and accompanying dialogue that feels awkward. Next season though there will be another show runner so hopefully those problems will be fixed soon.

Once Upon A Time

Plot: Half fairy tale fantasy, half modern day drama.

It took me a few episodes to get into Once Upon A Time. At first glance it looks like a flaky fantasy show with a not that great visual effects budget, but after a while the story reels you right in with its balance of fairy tale fantasy and real word drama. The show is about Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) whose biological son Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) claims that his adoptive mother Regina Mills (Lana Parilla) is the Evil Queen and has bewitched the entire village of Storybrooke. Besides that story though half the episodes also take place in the fairy tale world, showing reinterpretations of classic tales like Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and more.

I love the balance of those two worlds, and I think it’s because of that balance that the show never feels too cheesy. As the story progresses, we get to see more and more of the background of the fairy tale characters and I like how they’ve twisted and merged some of those stories into something completely new. While some episodes can be a tad predictable, I’ve been more often than not surprised by which direction they’ve taken it; it’s a show that keeps you guessing about where it’s going, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I also love love love the costume design and styling on this show. The gowns and costumes the Evil Queen and the other fairy tale characters wear are amazing; some of them are just so gorgeous! Next to that the makeup and hair styling is always spot on; I really want a dark evil red lipstick that I can pull off.

Hart of Dixie

Plot: A big city surgeon inherits a small town practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

Hart of Dixie is one of my favourite new girly TV shows. Take Summer from The O.C. (Rachel Bilson), mix in a Gilmore Girls-esque picturesque town, and a pinch of quirky and quick dialogue. Rachel Bilson is adorable as Doctor Zoe Hart, and while I have a bit of a hard time believing her as a doctor, she’s great as the girl trying to fit into a new town. The show does feel a lot like a newer Gilmore Girls, with the town having every other week yet another quirky event (like the annual Bluebell gumbo competition or the annual Sweetie Pie Dance).

The Lying Game

Plot: A foster care system girl finds out she has a twin sister, who got adopted into a wealthy family. They switch places so that the rich girl can track down their birth mother.

The Lying Game is what I was hoping Ringer would be. Two sisters: one bitchy and rich girl, who takes her family and money for granted, and the poor little foster care girl, who now has a chance to experience a family. It’s as soapy as can be, but I like it anyway. Here at least you can’t help but feel for the main character Emma, when she gets into trouble cause of what her bitchy twin Sutton has done in the past (unlike in other soapy shows where you just can’t empathise with a character because of something stupid they themselves have done).

Jane By Design

Plot: Devil Wears Prada in Highschool

I thought this show’s first season had ended, but it turns out it got an extra 8 episodes that just started last week! It’s another girly teen drama, with loads of mix-ups, sneaking about and high school romances. Jane is a bit of a quirky outcast at school that accidentally gets mistaken for an adult when interviewing for an intern role at a fashion design house. She ends up landing the job as the personal assistant to Gray (Andie MacDowell), but struggles with juggling her high school life and work life. It’s a fun show, and it’s great following Jane discover the world of fashion. As expected the styling in this show is awesome; there are so many dresses I so want to have (most of the times the ones that India is wearing)!

I completely forgot about the Tony awards this year! I still have to see if I can watch the entire broadcast, but I found at least some cool bits with Neil Patrick Harris:

Wow, how many songs did you recognize? I haven’t found a list yet that mentions all of them.

Ooh, most of the networks have released trailers for their new Fall TV shows! There are some shows that show potential, some that don’t grab me at all (but will do well with others) and some that I think just will fail miserably. I don’t think I’ve seen a trailer yet that’s screamed at me: “oh my god, oh my god, this is so awesome, I need to go watch that”.

First network I’m covering is CBS who are premiering 4 new shows this Fall: Elementary, Vegas, Made In Jersey and Partners.


*cough* Sherlock rip-off *cough*

I think if BBC’s Sherlock hadn’t happened, then this would have looked potentially interesting. Then again if BBC’s Sherlock hadn’t happened, this wouldn’t have either; it’s clearly riding the coattails of the buzz that Sherlock created (and the Sherlock movies with Robert Downey Jr.). I like the twist of making Watson female, and the leads look like they have chemistry, but I’m scared that this is going to be very procedural (don’t forget, it is CBS).


When I heard the description of this I wasn’t interested at all. But seeing the trailer with Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and Carrie-Anne Moss has got me a bit more interested. Very curious to see how this does.

Made In Jersey

I think this will go on my To-Watch-If-I-Don’t-Have-Anything-Else-At-All. It looks like it could be fun, but I don’t think it will survive a full season.


Will & Grace 2.0. I’ll give it a go, cause of Michael Urie and Brandon Routh, but I didn’t laugh at all during the trailer (not a good sign).

Video of The Day: RUIN

May 24th, 2012

After last week’s post about NBC’s new show Revolution, Reinier commented that some shots were taken from the short movie RUIN. I hadn’t seen RUIN yet, but it’s an awesome short:

Turns out Bad Robot asked the creator permission to use those shots, but as far as I can tell he’s not involved in the project in any other way. My guess is that the studio still needs to get their own CGI/matte shots done and the RUIN shots were only for the promo. It’s still a good 4 months until the show airs, so they should come up with something just as awesome.