First off, there has been a lot of Iron Man news these past weeks: new clips, new photos, even six actual scenes from the movie have been released. If you’re curious, go ahead, take a look. Me? I’m already convinced I’m going to see this movie, so why bother with all this stuff? In the end they’ll only potentially ruin the movie for you.

Anyhow, it’s been a month ago since I did my last Trailerrific post and a lot of trailers have come out since then. I’ve been meaning to do this much more regularly (like every week), but I never get around to doing that (yeah perhaps I’m just lazy). I’m going to split this all into three posts with the second and third parts appearing sometime at the end of this week. I promise though: from now on this will be a weekly post. Any volunteers into kicking me when I don’t?

Remember the previous two trailers? This trailer is a Red Band version of that first one, meaning more blood and more sex (a lot more sex). Strange enough though by adding the Red Band stuff to it, they’ve cut away more of the parts that would spoil the movie. It still gives a tad too much away and in my opinion they could easily make an interesting trailer without revealing so much. Then again I guess the movie’s pretty predictable anyway and nobody’s going to see it because of the brilliant intricate plot. [Trailer]

The Life Before Her Eyes
The teaser trailer came out in January and I already said then that this will be a 2009 Oscar contender. And after seeing the full length trailer I stand by that. Evan Rachel Wood plays Diana, a teenage girl who experiences a high school shooting. Years later the grown-up Diana, now played by Uma Thurman, is still traumatized by the event. [Trailer]

Mamma Mia!
I’m not an Abba fan, never was, never will be. But I have a feeling I will see this movie (not in the cinema), just because of Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan. The film is based on the Broadway musical about a bride-to-be trying to figure out who her father is. If you like cheerful musicals, this is the film for you. [Trailer]

Mamma Mia

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead
What do you get when you mix vampires, Hamlet and the Holy Grail? Apparently, this movie. I’m not kidding. This movie seems to mix the those three subjects in a weird and unique way. Definitely going on my Must-See list. [Trailer]

The Strangers
I want to say this film seems interesting, but looking at the horror movies Hollywood has lately produced, it all seems to be repeats and rehashes of older films. The Strangers looks like it might have a slight original angle, but tell me how many masked faces did you count in the trailer? I’m just getting a feeling of “been there, done that, next movie please”. Although it does have Liv Tyler (without pointy ears), so that should get the geeks going. [Trailer]

Tropic Thunder
This film could be the dark horse of 2008. In short: it’s Galaxy Quest in the jungle. Three big actors working together on a big-budget war movie are dumped in the middle of the jungle, thinking everything that happens to them is part of the movie. You’ve got the action star (Ben Stiller), the comedy star (Jack Black), the method actor (Robert Downey Jr.), the crazy director (Steve Coogan) and the war hero (Nick Nolte). If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you should. This will definitely be a must-see this summer. [Trailer]

Tropic Thunder

Stone’s War
The premise of this movie is Nazi Zombies fighting in World War II. That alone would make see this movie, which made be think there would at least be an interesting trailer, right? Now I know it’s not an official trailer yet (it hasn’t even got a release date yet), but couldn’t they come up with anything better? Something without the standard ‘Requiem for a Dream’ tune? Something that actually shows ‘Nazi Zombies’? I’m not asking too much, am I? [Trailer]

Any film with both Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor in it, gets my stamp of approval. Deception is about an accountant (McGregor) who gets introduced to a secret sex club called The List by new lawyer friend Jackman, but of course not all is as it seems. Again a potentially great movie and a trailer that reveals too much. Given the (what I believe will be) intricate plot, maybe it doesn’t actually spoil anything, but do we really all those “surprises” and “reveals” in the trailer? My tip: watch half of the trailer. If you’re convinced, stop watching. If you remain unconvinced, watch it all. [Trailer]

I’m not sure about the release dates of this movie. It was made in 2006 and has been released in some countries, but from what I’ve heard there might be a wide release of it this summer (please contact me, if you have some more info). The film is being described as a superhero spoof, but don’t think this means it falls in with the silly parody movies like Scary Movie, Epic Movie, etc. Michael Rapaport plays Les, a metermaid that has a psychotic reaction to his medication and starts believing he’s a superhero. [Trailer]

I haven’t done this type of post for a while now and a lot of trailers have come out since then. I’m hoping I’ve got most of them covered, but one or two might have slipped through my fingers. There are 14 trailers in total. If you don’t want to go through them all, check out at least The Fall, Step Brothers and The Incredible Hulk.

Madagascar: The Crate Escape
Wow, what a clever title! Cause it’s like in the first movie they were in crates, but then they escape, but it also means like great escape; it’s just so smart! The trailer to this sequel of Madagascar is just as awkward as the previous sentence. Instead of having a normal trailer, they had to bring in a live-action Ben Stiller to tell us what the film is about. Why?? The movie looks just like more of the first one. As long as the penguins get more screen time though, I’ll gladly watch this movie. [Trailer]

What was the person that made these two trailers thinking? The first one came out back in September and, while it captures the idea and feel of the movie, it gave way too much away. There are parts in the trailer that I think spoil the movie. Why would a studio do this? Don’t they want people to go to their movies? I should write a post purely on this; studios do this way too often. The movie stars Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia as part of a group of pathology students playing a secret after-hours game of committing the perfect murder. Although I think it will turn out to be predictable, it sounds interesting enough. The second trailer seems a bit meh; you get no idea at all what the movie will be about and just seems a bit pointless. My tip: skip the first trailer, watch the second one and hope there will be a third trailer coming soon. [Trailer 1] [Trailer 2]


Iron Man
Again another Iron Man trailer. I’ve been psyched for this movie for ages and it’s definitely going to be a showdown between Iron Man and The Dark Knight as THE comic book movie of the year (although my bet’s still on The Dark Knight). [Trailer]

The Love Guru
It’s been six years since Mike Myers‘ last original character Austin Powers and I was quite curious to see what he would come up with next. While I wasn’t that much of a fan of Austin Powers, it did have it’s funny moments. Judging from this trailer though makes me think The Love Guru will come nowhere near the antics of Austin Powers. It looks absolutely afwul! Add Jessica Alba as love interest and Justin Timberlake as a French gyrating something and you’ve got yourself a movie I’ll avoid like hell. [Trailer]

The Love Guru

Meet Bill
Oh no, take cover! Another Jessica Alba movie! Run for your lives! Talentless bimbo aside, Meet Bill could turn out to be a sweet little movie. Aaron Eckhart plays Bill, a guy who’s fed up with his job and cheating wife, but takes on the role of mentor for a kid (known throughout the movie only as The Kid). Besides Alba and Eckhart, the film stars Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs, Definitely, Maybe), Timothy Olyphant (Die Hard 4.0, Hitman), Logan Lerman (as The Kid, 3:10 To Yuma) and SNL regulars Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis. [Trailer]

10,000 B.C.
This movie is coming out today here in UK, but here’s one more final trailer to convince you why not to see this movie. Egyptian pyramids built with the help of mammoths; a tribe full of white people with dreads, eskimos and Native Americans; Scandinavian/Egyptian/Viking demon warriors; this movie is full of stuff that historically don’t make sense. /Film sums it up pretty good: “if you can understand titling this movie “The Jurassic Apocalypto Pathfinder the Day after Tomorrow”, you’d understand it completely and not need to see it.” [Trailer]

10000 B.C.

The Visitor
This is a small indie film that made it’s debut at Sundance in January. If you like emotional life stories with a touch of tear-jerkiness, this film is for you. It’s about a widower who after a long stay away finds two squatters in his apartment. Instead of kicking them out, he let’s them stay and becomes friends with the two. It’s not my type of movie, but I know a couple of you out there who would like this film. [Trailer]

Sex and the City: The Movie
I kind of feel obliged to also list this trailer, but I am definitely not one of those woman who are jumping up and down hysterically for this movie. I was never a fan of the TV show; I tried to watch a couple of episodes, but failed to see what all the fuss was about. Anyhow, for of all you girls out there that loved the series, here’s the trailer. [Trailer]

Sex and the City

Yes, again another Wanted trailer. They don’t really show any new clips; you’ve got the same “shoot the target, bend the bullet” scene, the “Angelina Jolie hangs out of a car” scene and the “Angelina Jolie on a train bending backward to fit under a tunnel” scene. But somehow the trailer feels more coherent, with a bit more backstory than the previous ones. [Trailer]

The Fall
Once in a while you come across a trailer of a movie you’ve never heard of and it blows you away. There’s such a magical and enchanting vibe coming from this trailer, kind of a cross between Hero, The Princess Bride and Equilibrium. It stars Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) as a bedridden man in a hospital who tells a girl a fantasy story, picturing hospital staff, other patients and themselves as the main characters. You can find the trailer on the movie’s website, along with some beautiful screenshots. [Website]

The Fall

Funny Games
The first (normal) trailer for Funny Games appeared a while ago [Trailer 1], but I like this second one more. It’s got this quirkiness to it, which seems so contrary to the actual atmosphere of the movie. Funny Games is about two psychopaths that take a family hostage, forcing them to play all kinds of nasty games. I’ve heard a lot about this movie, with half of the people hating it and the other half loving it. I’m curious to see how it all will turn out. [Trailer 2]

Step Brothers
This is one of those movie that just seems so silly, so stupid, you just can’t imagine it could ever be funny. I have no idea how the actual movie is going to be, but the trailer of Step Brothers got me laughing. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play
two spoiled jobless living-at-their-parents guy, who become step brothers after their single parents get married. [Trailer]

Step Brothers

A Necessary Death
This film debuted at SXSW last weekend and I heard that not everybody understood it was a work of fiction. Three film students place an add to find someone who wants to commit suicide, so they can follow the person in his/her final days and make a documentary about it. The whole process of placing the add, holding auditions and so on, is filmed by a fellow student (the real director of the movie). So it’s a fake documentary about the creation of a controversial documentary. [Trailer]

The Incredible Hulk
Remember that bad movie a couple of years ago about this guy that turns into a big green monster? Yeah, just forget that entire movie. The Incredible Hulk isn’t a sequel, but a complete retelling of the comic hero’s story. With Edward Norton and Liv Tyler on board the acting should be fine, but after watching the trailer I’m not sure about the rest of film. I still find the visual effects of the Hulk not up to scratch; it stills seems completely out of place. [Trailer]

The Incredible Hulk

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
What I was looking most forward to of Valentine’s Day? This Indy IV trailer. And WOW. I’m so psyched for this movie! Love the “Damn, I thought that was closer” line. I’ve got some of my “musings” at the end of this post, where I’m speculating about the plot, but it may contain slight spoilers (well, things that appear in the trailer, but you only notice if you’re really paying attention). [Trailer]

Indy IV

The Happening
A second, more plot driven trailer for this M. Night Shyamalan movie. I’m still intrigued by the idea of this movie (whole cities committing suicide for no apparent reason), but the more I see of it, the more I think this movie isn’t going to be that great. Then again I know what is “happening” (stumbled on a very early script review more than a year ago) and I’m not sure how much of a plot twist/reveal that’s supposed to be. [Trailer]

Journey To The Center of The Earth 3D
Wondering why they stuck a “3D” at the end of this movie’s name? I’m guessing, because the 2D version looks soooo bad, they want to make it clear you have to see it in 3D. This film seems so remarkably cheesy: the plot, the dialogue, the acting, how bad can you make it? The only reason people are going to see this movie is because of the 3D effects and you can see from the trailer that every scene in it is meant to have a 3D gimmick. [Trailer]

Journey To The Center of The Earth 3D

Kung Fu Panda
I had high hopes for this movie; a panda doing Kung Fu, how cool is that? But after seeing this second trailer, I have to say I’m not impressed. It just doesn’t seem funny to me and I keep picturing all the real actors when I hear their voices. Who knows though, maybe I’ll end up loving this film. [Trailer]

Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2
What do you get if you combine a Gilmore Girl, a Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty and Joan of Arcadia? A guilty little pleasure. I have to admit I kind of enjoyed the first movie and this trailer for the sequel seems like a perfect continuation. [Trailer]


Street Kings
Up until two weeks ago this movie was known as Night Watchman, but due to upcoming Watchman movie adaption the studios renamed it to avoid confusion. After seeing the trailer, I’m not even remotely interested in this movie, but I’m sure it will attract a fair crowd. [Trailer]

Indy IV Musings:
Did anyone else notice the Roswell, New Mexico on one of the containers (see image below)? Is this confirmation that the plot will involve aliens? I’m guessing that might mean the warehouse is Area 51. Further, the rumours are that Shia LaBeouf’s character Mutt Williams is Indy’s son, but no one’s confirming it yet. I think if it’s true though, it will be a major plot reveal. The “So you’re a teacher” line means that the characters don’t know each other. Anybody notice anything else?

Indy IV

The continuation of my previous Trailerrific post. In this one, I’ll be discussing the trailers of movies of which we’ve already seen at least one trailer.

The Forbidden Kingdom
Back in November I saw an early trailer for this movie, which used some unfinished edits and the soundtrack of Hero [link]. Then in the December the official trailer came out [link]. While both trailers made the movie look entertaining enough, I don’t think it captured the essence of the movie that well. Now the new trailer has been released and I’m just psyched to see this film. [Trailer] [Posters]

The Forbidden Kingdom

Iron Man
I never liked the Iron Man character, but I think this movie is about to change my mind. The first trailer came out a couple of weeks ago [link] and it already convinced me to see the movie. A new TV spot has come out now and it shows even more actions scenes and kick-ass effects. For those of you, who already want to see the movie, I suggest skipping this trailer. You’ve already decided to go and this trailer doesn’t add any more value, except perhaps some more spoiled scenes. [TV Spot] [Official Website]

This movie looks pretty great, but I’m still disappointed they’re not following the comic (which is much more dark and evil). The trailer was released a couple of weeks ago [link] and now a TV spot has appeared. Watch it, skip it, whatever you want. It doesn’t show any real new scenes, so it’s pretty “safe” to watch. [TV Spot]

Wanted - Angelina Jolie

Prince Caspian
I liked The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It wasn’t a great movie, but if you take it for what it is (a kids story) it’s pretty spot on. Heck, it’s a whole lot better than the life-size people in beaver costumes from the version I remember. The trailer for the sequel appeared some time ago [link] and during the Superbowl a TV spot was aired. As with the Wanted TV spot they don’t show any scenes that we hadn’t seen in the trailer. [TV Spot]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I want this movie to be hilarious just because I love all the actors in it (Jason Segal, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand), but I have a feeling it won’t be as funny as I hope. The trailer was released in December [link] and now a red band version has come out. [Red Band Trailer]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In the past week a lot of new trailers have come out, mainly because of the Superbowl. Now most of these trailers haven’t appeared on the Apple trailer site yet, but about half of them are from movies with already a trailer released. I’ll be splitting this post up this week into two parts: the trailers that are completely new from movies of which we haven’t seen anything yet, and the trailers of movies of which we’ve already seen at least one trailer.

First up, the new trailers:

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard more of this movie. It’s about Liam Neeson who after his daughter is kidnapped in Paris, goes on a manhunt trying to find those responsible. So far, it’s only slated for an end of February French release, with no known release dates for other countries. [Trailer]

Superhero Movie
Sometimes a movie comes along that you know you’re going to hate, but that most people are going to love. For me, this is one of those movies. It’s from the makers of Naked Gun and Scary Movie. Need I say more? I seriously can not stand these type of stupid parody movies. If you liked those movies, I’m guessing you’ll like this one. If you didn’t: To Avoid At All Costs.

The trailer looks interesting and the film has been nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film), but I’ve heard reviews that weren’t that taken by this movie. It’s about the life of Genghis Khan, but its an interpretation and doesn’t follow the true history. [Trailer]

The Happening
I heard about the script of this movie a long time back, when M. Night Shyamalan was having trouble getting it made. I understand why, cause it isn’t your typical disaster movie. Without giving to much away, the basic gist of it is that people begin randomly committing suicide, killing themselves for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It seems an interesting movie, but it’s a tad difficult to promote.

The Grand
This is one of those films that looks half-interesting. Let me explain. It’s an improvisational ensemble comedy about several competitors in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. There are seven main characters, each playing a different poker stereotype. For me, half of those characters look funny and interesting, the other half not so much. [Trailer]

Second Skin
I know that people like documentaries about unusual people obsessed with their hobby, but do we really need a documentary for ever type of obsession? First Trekkies, then MacHeads and now Second Skin. What’s next? Knitting?? [Trailer]

The second half of this post can be expected tomorrow.

Again a movie trying to use mathematics as some interesting plot device. In this case we’ve got Stellan Skarsgard (Dogville, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3) and Melissa George (Alias, 30 Days of Night) as two cops trying to track down a gruesome serial killer. But, wait, he (or she) is not just a serial killer! He’s looking for an equation to determine what it will take for someone to murder a person they love. Ooh, then after watching this movie we should find an equation to determine what the best way is to make gullible people believe in your movies! [Trailer]

Smart People
I just saw Juno two days ago and I must admit I’m impressed with Ellen Page. She doesn’t play the main role in this movie, but the whole cast seems pretty great (except Sarah Jessica Parker, I don’t get what people see in her). It’s about a widowed literature professor (Dennis Quaid), who has to deal with his perfectionist daughter (Ellen Page), his out-of-work brother (Thomas Hayden Church) and his new relationship with his doctor (SJP). [Trailer]

Smart People

Snow Buddies
Whoa, sickeningly cute puppy alert! This movie is a direct-to-dvd release and after seeing the trailer I completely understand why. Some movies just should never be mad, let’s leave it at that. Watch the trailer at your own risk. [Trailer]

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
Once in a while a movie comes along, that is so bad, it actually becomes good (in some cases intentionally, in other cases unintentionally). Judging by the trailer, I’m guessing this is one of those movies. The premise of the film is simple: Jack Brooks find his true destiny as monster slayer. There’s a weird Evil Dead/Buffy vibe I’m getting off the trailer, so I’m curious to see if the whole film has that same spirit. [Trailer]

Jack Brooks

Be Kind Rewind
Sweding: the art of re-creating, remaking movies from scratch. The movie Be Kind Rewind is about two guys (Jack Black and Mos Def) who, after accidentally erasing all the videotapes in Def’s video store, decide to swede all the erased movies. The real trailer has come out a couple of months ago and since then sweded trailers have come out for GhostBusters, RoboCop and Boyz N’ The Hood (link). Now there’s a new sweded trailer of the Be Kind Rewind, created by the director of Be Kind Rewind, Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Be sure to watch the original trailer first though.. Fun Fact: the term “sweding” was coined by Condry, but it was supposed to be “sueding” (as in the fake leather). The cast didn’t understand him though through his thick French accent and it turned into sweding. [Trailer]

Son of Rambow
This is one of those movies that will make you secretly smile. It just seems so sweet and genuine. The movie’s about two boys who want to remake Rambo (hey, sweding!) and all the troubles and adventures they get into while doing so. The only problem I have with this film is that it looks a lot like this article about two boys who remake Indiana Jones. Yes, there are differences (setting, story, etc), but they just seem so similar, it’s hard to believe it’s not a rip-off. [Trailer]

Son of Rambow

I did a post like this way back in October (check it out if you haven’t seen the trailers yet of Repo! The Genetic Opera and The 10 Commandments; both unmissable, but for completely different reasons) and ever since then I had been planning to turn it into a weekly returning post. I noticed that a lot of the trailers I see on movie blogs, don’t show up on the Apple Trailer site for quite some time. So what I want to do is create a list of all the trailers that have come out during a week (most trailers come from FirstShowing and /Film). I’ll try to comment on each of the trailers, but I’ll have to see first just about how many we’re talking about. This first post will be a bit longer than usual, cause I’ll be showing the trailers from the last couple of weeks (instead of only one single week).

The Oxford Murders
This movie (based on the book with the same name) is about a professor (John Hurt) and a grad student (Elijah Wood) are trying to solve multiple murders linked by mathematical symbols. Most of the time I have problems with “mathematical” plots, cause they only lightly touch the mathematics and completely bungle up or misuse the real theory. I’m hoping this is not the case with this film, though, cause it could turn out to be a nice little murder mystery. [Trailer]

My Blueberry Nights
I’m not sure what to think about this movie. It’s about a woman (Norah Jones) who takes a soul-searching journey and meets a bunch of eccentric characters a long the way (Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz). It just looks a bit strange and different, but somehow maybe it could work. And what’s the deal with Natalie Portman’s hair and accent?? [Trailer]

My Blueberry Nights

This film just doesn’t look interesting at all: “Charlize Theron plays a rolling stone mother, Joleen, who abandons her daughter (AnnaSophia Robb) to take off on the road with a random guy, right after the two move in with her younger brother (Nick Stahl)“. It just sounds and looks boring as hell. [Trailer]

Star Trek
Do I even have to explain what this is about? It’s not a real trailer yet, just the teaser and (as usual with teasers) doesn’t really show anything yet, but boy does it look pretty. There’s also a whole viral marketing campaign starting again (what did you expect from JJ Abrams?); just click on the red light next to the “Under Construction” message and you get sent to a site (here) where there’s a ‘live feed’ from the construction site of the Enterprise. [Trailer]


Baby Mama
I heard about this movie some time ago and was looking forward to it. Although the plot isn’t really my cup of tea (a woman that wants a baby, but can’t have it herself and gets a surrogate), both the main two actresses (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) and the writer/director are from SNL, which led to me thinking this film might actually be funny. Seeing the trailer though… nope, not funny. [Trailer]

I usually don’t really go for war movies, but this one has grabbed my attention. It’s about three Jewish brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell) who join a group of Russian resistance fighters during WWII. I’ll bet it’s going to be a major contender for the Oscars next year. [Trailer]


The Life Before Her Eyes

I have a strange feeling this film will also do well with the Oscars next year. It’s about: “A woman’s survivor’s guilt from a Columbine-like event twenty years ago causes her present-day idyllic life to fall apart.” The woman is played both by Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood (different ages). [Trailer]

During the first minute of this trailer you’re going to think something like: “Hmm, some bad 28 Days Later rip-off with a bit of Children of Men thrown into it”. It’s not though; just wait till the latter part of the trailer and you’ll see what type of movie this really is: a Mad Max meets Resident Evil movie. In other words: a lot of action, not that good a plot, but still great fun to watch. [Trailer]