This could be a great movie. It’s based on the same-named book from Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) and features a sex-addict who wants to sleep with his deranged mother’s doctor. I’m guessing there’s more to the story than only that, but the trailer looks pretty funny. [Trailer]

Ponyo On The Cliff
I love Studio Ghibli movies and this trailer for the latest one is just great. It’s about a 5-year old boy and his friendship with a goldfish princess who wants to be human. The trailer is in Japanese, but the story still kind of comes across. [Trailer]

The Longshots
This movie looks kind of average, a tad soppy, but perhaps an okay family film. Based on a true story, it’s about the first and only girl quarterback in Pop Warner history. What most surprised me of this movie though? It’s directed by Fred (Limp Bizkit) Durst. [Trailer]

Wow. I haven’t read the comic yet, so I can’t say if it stays true to it’s roots, but this just looks amazing. So far I’ve stayed away from anything remotely related to Watchmen, just because I don’t want to be spoiled (I want to read the comic before the movie though). To be honest, I have no idea what it even is about; superheroes, of course, but for the rest… [Trailer]

The Good, The Bad and The Weird
A Korean spaghetti western. Do I really need to say more? This trailer looks like so much fun, I’m hoping it will get picked up for a wider release (it was shown in Cannes, so chances are it eventually will, question is: when is “eventually”?). It’s directed by Ji-Woon Kim, who previsouly did A Tale of Two Sisters and I’m guessing we’ll be taken on an equally weird, yet exhilarating journey. [Trailer]

Surfer Dude
A movie with Matthew McConaughey as a “surfer dude”. I was expecting some Ben Stiller/Adam Sandler type comedy, but it looks different than that. It stars McConaughey as a surfer who due to money problems signs up to be a new Virtual Reality and Reality TV show star. I don’t expect this to be my type of movie, but it still could be funny. [Trailer]

Zack and Miri Make A Porno
This is a Kevin Smith movie, so you should know what to expect from him. Here Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks star as best friends Zack and MIri, who want to solve their cashflow problems by making a porno. The second part of the trailer is a bit crude, but hey what did you expect from a movie about a porno? [Trailer]

Eagle Eye
I don’t get all the hype around Shia LaBeouf. He’s an okay actor and did an okay job in Transformers and Indy IV, but I don’t understand all the fuss about him. Here he plays Jerry, a kid who gets tangled up in a terrorist cell plotting a political assassination. The trailer reminds me a bit of the start of The Matrix without all the sci-fi virtual reality stuff thrown into it. [Trailer]

How To Lose Friends and Alientate People
I normally like Simon Pegg, but this movie just looks too Hollywoody. I didn’t laugh once during this trailer, not a good sign for movie that’s meant as a comedy. Pegg stars as a British writer struggling to survive at a New York magazine. [Trailer]

High School Musical 3: Senior Year
It might surprise you that although I’m a sucker for musicals, I haven’t seen High School Musical. This is actually the first time ever I’ve seen actual footage. And it looks gloriously cheesy as hell! If the previous songs are as catchy as these, no wonder it’s the hit it is. [Trailer]

Terminator 4: Salvation
I’m still not convinced that McG is the right man for this movie, but Christian Bale as John Connor is just perfect casting. This is just a teaser trailer, but you do see some different types of Terminators and I can’t wait to see what else they come up. I only don’t know how they’re going to relate this to the TV show: just act as if that never existed? [Trailer]

Repo: The Genetic Opera
I mentioned this movie way back last October when I did the first of my Trailerrific posts and now finally a real trailer has come out. You know how I love my musicals and this sounds just great. Plus it doesn’t have that cutesiness most musicals suffer from; it’s deliciously dark. [Trailer]

Marley & Me
This trailer was barely worth mentioning; all you see is Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston running after a dog on a beach. It could turn out to be a very lame movie, but it’s directed by the guy behind Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada and is written by the screenwriter who did Out of SIght and Minority Report. [Trailer]

The Express
I barely watch sports as it is, let alone American Football. So why would I watch a movie about just that sport? For all the sport freaks out there though, you might want to take a look at this movie. It’s about the life of Ernie Davis, the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. [Trailer]

The Perfect Game
Again another sports movie. Yawn… This time it’s about the first non-US team to win the Little League World Series. [Trailer]

Burn After Reading
I’m not a fan of the Coen brothers (No Country For Old Men, O Brother Where Art Thou?), but this movie looks like fun. Both Brad Pitt and George Clooney look hilarious. Pitt stars as a gym employee who gets his hands on a disk containing the memoirs of a CIA agent. He decides to use it for blackmail, but gets himself only into more trouble. [Trailer]

For a completely Russian produced piece, this looks pretty amazing. Drama, love, bombs, it seems to have all the makings of an epic war movie. It stars Konstantin Khabensky (from Nightwatch and Daywatch) as Admiral Kolchak, a war hero who falls in love with his best friend’s wife. [Trailer

Cheese alert! And not the good type of cheese either. This movie just looks so bad, I won’t waste any words on it further. [Trailer]

I wonder what and how the reactions of this movie are going to be. It doesn’t seem to be offensive or so, but then I’m not religious at all. It seems to be a great documentary on the current state of world religion and moreover Bill Maher’s take on it. [Trailer]

Babylon A.D.
How can we make a movie look more epic than it actually is? Simple: just add Lux Aeterna as the score to the trailer. Seriously though, this looks pretty cool. It’s not going to win any Oscars or anything like that, but it will be a great action-packed summer movie. [Trailer]

A couple of months ago I told you all about Joss Whedon’s during the strike created web show called Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Well, now it’s almost about to be launched!

Dr Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) is a super villain, just not that good a one. His arch nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) keeps beating him up and he’s too shy to talk to the cute girl from the laundromat (Felicia Day). It’s a comedy and it’s a musical, so it’s going to be silly, funny and oh so sing-alongable.

I loved Buffy’s musical episode Once More With Feeling (I’m not ashamed to admit I know all the lyrics of those songs), so I have high hopes for Dr Horrible. The casting of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion to me is just a great added bonus. Even if they weren’t in it I would have adored this, but with both of them it just makes it a bit more special. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out:

Teaser from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo

The idea is to have three acts (episodes) of about 15 minutes debut online on in the next couple of days. Act 1 will be launched tomorrow (Tuesday July 15th), Act 2 on Thursday (July 17th) and Act 3 on Saturday (July 19th). All three acts will be available for free online till Sunday midnight (July 20th). After that they’ll be downloadable for a small fee and eventually also released on DVD.

There’s also a mini comic book story that serves as a preview called Captain Hammer: Be Like Me!. It’s not that important to the story, but it’s a great little extra marketing. I so hope this whole setup is going to work, but if there’s one guy out there who can make it happen it’s Joss Whedon. 

So don’t forgot! Tomorrow is the first installment of Dr Horrible. Will you come along to see evil take over the world?

It’s not my cup of tea, but I’m sure there a lot of people who will be interested in this movie. Recount is a behind-the-scenes retelling of the 2000 presidential elections. Written by Buffy-alum Danny Strong and directed by Jay Roach (Meet The Parents, Austin Powers), it features a solid cast (Kevin Spacy, Laura Dern, John Hurt, Denis Leary and Tom Wilkinson). [Trailer]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
If you haven’t heard about it already, this year a new chapter of the Star Wars saga is coming out… and this time it’s an animated TV show. To kick it off a feature film will be released in theatres, hence this trailer. Set between Episodes 2 and 3, it centres on Anakin, Obi-Wan, Amidala and Anakin’s padawan learner Ahsoka battling the clones and their masters. Before seeing this trailer I was a bit apprehensive of this project; after the previous 3 crappy ones, did we really need another Star Wars movie? Seeing this trailer though does give me hope for this actually turning out pretty okay (although I’m not a fan of the animation/CGI style). But does anyone here truly believe new character Ahsoka won’t die sometime during the series? [Trailer 1] [Trailer 2]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Ahsoka and Anakin

I hadn’t heard of this movie before, but it looks intense and dramatic. Don Cheadle plays a former special operative working for terrorist organizations and Guy Pearce is the FBI agent after him. From the trailer though it doesn’t seem to be as clearcut as that; expect no bad guys and good guys in this movie, but a whole lot of shady grey characters. [Trailer]

The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor
I admit: I was a huge fan of the previous Mummy movies. Both of them (not The Scorpion King though; that was crap). So I was kind of excited when I heard they would make a third movie. And then I heard that Rachel Weisz wasn’t coming back. And that this time it would be Chinese mummies. And that the son would be all grown-up now. Yeah, not that excited anymore. This trailer though has gotten my hopes up a bit; it still could be a great entertaining summer movie. Plus it’s got Jet Li as a fighting magic-wielding mummy; that’s gotta count for something! [Trailer]

The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor: - Jet Li

Somehow the little I had heard of this movie, gave a complete different impression on what it actually is about and it actually looks interesting. Josh Hartnett is Tom Sterling, a entrepeneur attempting to keep his company afloat in August 2001, when the dot-com bubble burst. To me it seems a hipper, younger Wall Street type of film and I wonder if we’ll look back at it with the same appreciation. [Trailer]

Tropic Thunder
A couple months ago I had posted the first (normal) trailer for this movie and claimed it could be the dark horse of this movie season. Now a Red Band trailer has also came out and to be honest I’m not that crazy about it. I want to like and love Tropic Thunder (especially Downey Jr.‘s character), but this trailer is cause for worry. [Red Band Trailer]

Tropic Thunder - Ben Stiller, Jack Black and co.

Vicky Christina Barcelona
I’ve always found it difficult to predict whether or not I’ll like a new Woody Allen movie. Somehow you never really know what type of movie it’s going to be. With Vicky Christina Barcelona I’d expected no difference. It stars Scarlet Johansson and Rebecca Hall as friends on a holiday in Spain, who get involved with a painter (Javier Bardem) and his ex (Penelope Cruz). Strong cast and an unusual premise, I think this is going to do pretty great during awards season. [Teaser] [Trailer]

The X-Files: I Want To Believe
I never was much of an X-Files fan; I’ve seen about half of the episodes (only started watching in the sixth season) and never watched the ending. So I have no idea how this movie exactly relates to the series. Yes, it stars Mulder and Scully, but I wonder if there are any important plotlines hailing back to the show. [Trailer 1] [Trailer 2]

The X-Files: I Want To Believe - Mulder and Scully

Righteous Kill
You’d think a movie with Robert de Niro and Al Pacino should be pretty amazing. And this film isn’t. I’m not saying it’s bad, terrible, horrible, etc, but for a film with two legends in it you’d expect a little bit more. De Niro and Pacino play two veteran NYPD detectives on the trail of a serial killer, who might be a fellow cop. [Trailer]

City of Ember
Based on the young adult’s book of the same name, City of Ember revolves around the titular city, a sealed-off underground settlement of which the electrical system is failing. The two main characters, 12 year-olds Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, race to figure a way out and save their people. I love the idea of this and if the effects and acting are any good, this could turn out to be an amazing movie. [Trailer]

City of Ember

The Incredible Hulk
I posted the teaser trailer of The Incredible Hulk a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t that impressed by it. The more I see and hear about this movie though, the more it’s piquing my interest. I’m only wondering how many people actually realize this movie isn’t a sequel to the Hulk movie from a couple of years ago. I have a feeling not that many… [Trailer]

Babylon A.D.
Based on the novel Babylon Babies (Maurice Georges Dantec), this movie stars Vin Diesel as a mercenary escorting a woman from Russia to China. The woman, however, is carrying an organism (does this mean “a baby”?) that a cult wants to harvest to produce a genetically-modified Messiah. Vin Diesel + SF = entertaining movie, but don’t expect any intelligent dialogue. [Trailer]

Babylon: Vin Diesel

I’ve heard some great reviews about this Sundance favorite, but this trailer just seems a mess. It’s a comedy/horror about four actor friends on holiday at a cabin in the middle of the woods and a guy with a bag on his head (hence the name Baghead). [Trailer]

The Escapist
Bunch of guys that hate each other’s guts, band together to escape prison. Been there, done that, you’d think, right? For most parts of the trailer those were my thoughts at least. Until the last scene. And then I read the description a bit more closely: an underground prison in London. *theorizing mode on* Hidden prison? Future? Ooh, or maybe it’s not a prison? We didn’t see any guards, right? But what about the women? Puzzle movie! [Trailer]

The Escapist

The Dark Knight
Regular readers here will have read the account of my blundering evening in search of this trailer. Now here’s a confession: besides the Jokerized version, I haven’t actually watched a good high-def version of it. Why? I’m going to see this movie no matter what, so why bother… [Trailer]

Kind of unrelated, but in my teenage years I was completely addicted to the books from L.J. Smith. If they had made a movie of any of those, no matter how bad it was, I would have gone to see it (most probably multiple times). Now I haven’t read the books this movie is based on (from Stephenie Meyer), but I can imagine the hordes of teenage girls lining up to see this film. Oh yeah, before I forget: it’s about a teenage vampire in love with a mortal girl (of course). [Trailer]


The Happening
I’m still undecided on this movie; I think it could go either way (but leaning more towards “bad” at the moment). After reading a script review more than a year ago, I know the “twist” of the movie, but I’m not actually sure if it even is a real “twist”. The original title of the movie kind of gave that away. I’m just wondering now if it’s being marketed the right way. [Trailer]

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Worst. Movie. Ever. Okay, I shouldn’t say that before watching the actual movie, but seriously does anybody expect this to be good? Now, watch the trailer and tell me you didn’t have to cringe a little bit? It’s even more terrible than the poster made me imagine it would be. [Trailer]

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

John Cusack voices Igor, a hunch-back lab assistant who wants to become a mad scientist and win the annual Evil Science Fair. The idea and all the actors involved (besides Cusack, there’s Molly Shannon, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, Eddie Izzard, Sean Hayes) look great and I want to like this movie, but this trailer didn’t impress me at all. [Trailer]

I loved Moulin Rouge!, but hated Romeo + Juliet, so for me it could go either way with Baz Luhrman’s Australia. I was expecting to like it, not love it, but this new trailer struck a chord with me, leaving me quite excited for this movie. Set prior to World War II, it’s about an English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) who inherits a ranch in Australia and is forced to join forces with a rough cattle driver (Hugh Jackman). [Trailer]


Outside my apartment there’s one car whose alarm goes off way too often. Not often enough that it drives me crazy, but I can imagine the motive behind Noise’s main character. Tim Robbins plays David, a successful lawyer who can’t stand the noise of car alarms and decides to take action. Adopting the alter ego of “The Rectifier”, he makes it his mission to attack the wrongdoing cars. [Trailer]

The Rocker
I must admit I didn’t expect I would like this movie, but after seeing the trailer it doesn’t seem that half bad. While the jokes seem a bit cliched, the plot actually does seem entertaining. It stars Rainn Wilson (The Office) as a failed 80’s band drummer that joins the high school band of his nephew. [Trailer]

There haven’t been that many good horror movies lately, but Quarantine might turn that tide. It’s an American remake of the Spanish movie [Rec] and stars Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan on Dexter) and Jay Hernandez (Six Degrees, Hostel). The movie’s about a hazmat team investigating a quarantined apartment complex and find there a camera depicting why and what happened during the quarantine. [Trailer]

American Teen
I’ve heard a lot of good things about this little documentary; some even claiming it might be one of the best movies this year. It follows 5 high school seniors as they finish their last year: the Jock, the Geek, the Rebel, the Princess and the Heartthrob. The film shows these kids being more than just the stereotypes they’ve been labeled with. [Trailer]

Lakeview Terrace
I love Samuel L. Jackson, but I’m not sure even he can save this movie. In Lakeview Terrace he plays a cop harassing his new neighbors (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington). Although there might be some unexpected cool plot twist, the trailer seems pretty straightforward and pretty boring. [Trailer]

Lakeview Terrace

The Children of Huang Shi
Not my type of movie, but for an indie film it does got an impressive cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Radha Mitchell, Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh. It’s about a British journalist and an American nurse, who rescue a group of orphans during the Japanese occupation of China in 1937. [Trailer]

The Wackness
I’m not sure what to think of this trailer; so far it didn’t really convince me to go see the movie. Set in the 1990s, its about Luke Shapiro (Josh Peck), a teenage pot dealer, trying to make the most of his summer. I’ve read good reviews though, so I’ll keep an open mind until I’ve actually seen it. [Trailer]

Space Chimps
This is the type of movie that gives animations a bad name. Thank God for Wall-E and even Kung Fu Panda for this summer! If you hadn’t gathered it from the title, Space Chimps is about a group of chimps going into space. The only fact about this movie that has got me a tad interested is that Andy Samberg (SNL) is doing one of the monkey voices. [Trailer]

Space Chimps

Hamlet 2
How could there be a sequel to Hamlet if everybody dies at the end? Why, by using a time machine of course! This movie is actually about an actor-turned-high-school-drama-teacher (Steve Coogan) who together with his students tries to stage a politically incorrect musical sequel to Hamlet. [Trailer]

The Pixar Story
Don’t you just love Pixar’s movies? This documentary is a behind the scenes look of the company and it’s employees and associates. I don’t exactly know what the deal is though with the release date; it came out in America back in August 2007 and has even been there on TV. So far though I haven’t found anything about an international release. Till we do, this trailer will have to be enough. [Trailer]

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Still four more days till this movie hits the cinema. I liked the first movie, mainly because I had read the book and watched the very crappy TV series as a kid (compared to that everything looks good). I think Prince Caspian will continue in the same vein: a good entertaining kids movie, but nothing more. [Trailer]

Prince Caspian

It’s not the worst trailer around, but I don’t think this movie will be that much of a hit. But then what do you expect from a movie about three high school kids visiting a university and pretending to be freshman, just to get girls and get drunk? [Trailer]

The previous trailer of this “Will Smith as a superhero/tramp” movie looked so horrible, I lost all faith in it. Now a bit of that faith is coming back, after having seen this extended trailer. Beware though: I think it gives too much of the plot away. [Trailer]

The Spirit
I love the look and feel of this trailer. I’m only scared people are going to think it’s a Sin City rip-off, which it isn’t. It is from the same comic book artist Frank Miller, so of course they’re going to look similar. In this case though, Miller is also actually directing the entire movie. [Trailer]

The Spirit

Young People Fucking
Again a movie that has had a lot of buzz and good reviews at festivals. It’s a comedy that intertwines the stories of 5 couples over the course of one sexual encounter. [Trailer]

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan
I actually enjoy Adam Sandler‘s movies most of the time. True, they’re not the funniest films, but it’s not the worst out there. Here Sandler plays an Israeli agent who wants to give up his super spy life to become a hairdresser. [Trailer]

The Babysitters
The first thing that crossed my mind when hearing the title of the movie was: “Oh no not another Babysitters Club movie”. I couldn’t be more mistaken; these babysitters are from a very different caliber. After fooling around with one of her customers, a 16 year old teenager realizes she can make money by turning her babysitting service into a call-girl service for married man. [Trailer]

Episode 54: “Cute bike, aww”

In my previous post I talked about The Dark Knight ARG event, which led to a showing of the newest trailer (which I missed) in 12 major cities. At each screening one lucky person won a reel with the trailer on it and everybody thought it was only the trailer they had just all seen. And it is. Kind of.

The reel contains the exact same trailer, only every single frame in it has been defaced by the Joker! Chris Presswell, the winner of the London reel, discovered this first and you can find photographs of almost every frame on his blog. Some of the “comments” of the Joker are pure brilliance (I had to laugh at the “Me me me” and “Boring part”).

Now some of the other reels have actually been played in a projector and for our convenience been put on YouTube. So far we’ve got the Chicago reel and Dallas reel, and I’m sure the reels from other cities will follow soon. The cool part is the defacings were all done by hand and they differ between the featured reels. I’m curious to see if there’s also something of a hidden clue in this all.

The Chicago reel:

The Dallas reel:

Where was the kicking, people? Sigh, I’m seriously behind with these trailers and I’ve got long list to share with you all. I’m going to try to do my next post in two days time and then keep this up as a weekly post.

Fugitive Pieces
An indie film, that’s been picked up for a limited release, Fugitive Pieces is about the life of a World War II survivor, attempting to deal with his experiences. While it seems as an interesting enough film, the trailer goes in full blown dramatic mode, with orchestra blazing sentimental musics, snippets from raving reviews of movie critiques and the big trailer voice booming: “…a story about finding ourselves…”. Tone it down a bit, please? [Trailer]

Meet Dave
There used to be a time when Eddie Murphy was actually funny. Why does he continue making these type of movies? Meet Dave is about a crew of miniature aliens whose spaceship has a human form. Murphy plays the spaceship and the captain of the aliens. This just looks so bad and unfunny, I really don’t want to waste my time on it. [Trailer]

Starship Dave

Wargames: The Dead Code
Again another lesson in ‘How not to make a trailer’. Not that there’s anybody out there, who even cares about this movie. It’s a direct-to-dvd sequel of the classic Wargames, but they could have very well just left the Wargames part completely off of it. Yes, both of the films are kind of about the same thing, but this isn’t a sequel. It’s a cheap and easy way to try and attract more simple-minded buyers, who don’t take the time to read the back of the dvd. [Trailer]

Bangkok Dangerous
Even though Nicholas Cage‘s movies have been lately more Miss, then Hit, this one seems actually more than half decent. Cage is a hitman who has a “job” in Bangkok, but can’t pull it off and gets all these nasty people after him (of course). I somehow get the same vibe off of it as some of Cage’s older action movies, like Con Air and Face/Off, and I can only hope this movie is anywhere near as good as those. [Trailer]

Bangkok Dangerous

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Weren’t the dinosaurs extinct before the Ice Age? But now we’re seeing them in the 3rd Ice Age movie? Anyone else see the flaw there? This is only teaser trailer featuring the beloved Scrat, so we haven’t seen anything real about the plot. Except of course that it involves dinosaurs. The 2nd movie wasn’t actually as bad as I had expected, so I’m gonna wait and give this 3rd one also a chance. [Trailer]

The House Bunny
A movie about a Playboy mansion bunny (Anna Faris), who becomes the house mother of a group of socially inept sorority girls; that’s doomed to fail, right? And yet, after watching the trailer, I wasn’t completely appalled by it (unlike Amanda BynesSydney White). It even reminds me a bit of Legally Blond and Clueless. This isn’t going to be a great movie with a good plot and maybe not even good acting, but I think it will be a bit of simple fun entertainment. [Trailer]

The House Bunny

Interesting. And potentially good. That’s what I felt when I saw this trailer. It’s directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch, daughter of David Lynch and you can see she’s inherited her father’s fondness for weirdness. The description of the movie is “An FBI agent tracks a serial killer with the help of three of his would-be victims – all of whom have wildly different stories to tell.” It’s a German trailer, so the text is in German (luckily it’s not dubbed), but I missed that when I was watching: I thought it was just some weird quirkiness of the film. [Trailer]

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
I didn’t like the first Hellboy, but this trailer has got me psyched for it’s sequel. The plot and background mythology look cool, the visual effects look wicked (although I have to admit sometimes a bit wonky, but that could also be the small screen I got) and some of the creatures look fantastic. My only gripe is with the bad guys; they look a bit too much like the Wraith from Star Gate: Atlantis for my liking. [Trailer]

Hellboy II

Based on the book by Jose Saramago, Blindness is about a doctor’s wife (Julianne Moore) who becomes the only person with the ability to see after everyone in the city is struck with a mysterious case of sudden blindness. This teaser trailer is perfect, slightly lifting the veil so that you know a bit about what the movie is about, without giving anything away. One of the films on my Must-Watch list of this year. [Trailer]

This could be another ‘same old, same old’ serial-killer movie, but by using the concept of anamorphosis we could get a very interesting movie. Anamorphosis is a painting technique where there’s a part of the painting that’s only discernible when using a distorting mirror or when viewed from a specific position. I’m not really sure how this is applied in the movie, but I’m guessing the killer is posing his victims and creating real-life anamorphic crime scenes. [Trailer]

I haven’t done this type of post for a while now and a lot of trailers have come out since then. I’m hoping I’ve got most of them covered, but one or two might have slipped through my fingers. There are 14 trailers in total. If you don’t want to go through them all, check out at least The Fall, Step Brothers and The Incredible Hulk.

Madagascar: The Crate Escape
Wow, what a clever title! Cause it’s like in the first movie they were in crates, but then they escape, but it also means like great escape; it’s just so smart! The trailer to this sequel of Madagascar is just as awkward as the previous sentence. Instead of having a normal trailer, they had to bring in a live-action Ben Stiller to tell us what the film is about. Why?? The movie looks just like more of the first one. As long as the penguins get more screen time though, I’ll gladly watch this movie. [Trailer]

What was the person that made these two trailers thinking? The first one came out back in September and, while it captures the idea and feel of the movie, it gave way too much away. There are parts in the trailer that I think spoil the movie. Why would a studio do this? Don’t they want people to go to their movies? I should write a post purely on this; studios do this way too often. The movie stars Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia as part of a group of pathology students playing a secret after-hours game of committing the perfect murder. Although I think it will turn out to be predictable, it sounds interesting enough. The second trailer seems a bit meh; you get no idea at all what the movie will be about and just seems a bit pointless. My tip: skip the first trailer, watch the second one and hope there will be a third trailer coming soon. [Trailer 1] [Trailer 2]


Iron Man
Again another Iron Man trailer. I’ve been psyched for this movie for ages and it’s definitely going to be a showdown between Iron Man and The Dark Knight as THE comic book movie of the year (although my bet’s still on The Dark Knight). [Trailer]

The Love Guru
It’s been six years since Mike Myers‘ last original character Austin Powers and I was quite curious to see what he would come up with next. While I wasn’t that much of a fan of Austin Powers, it did have it’s funny moments. Judging from this trailer though makes me think The Love Guru will come nowhere near the antics of Austin Powers. It looks absolutely afwul! Add Jessica Alba as love interest and Justin Timberlake as a French gyrating something and you’ve got yourself a movie I’ll avoid like hell. [Trailer]

The Love Guru

Meet Bill
Oh no, take cover! Another Jessica Alba movie! Run for your lives! Talentless bimbo aside, Meet Bill could turn out to be a sweet little movie. Aaron Eckhart plays Bill, a guy who’s fed up with his job and cheating wife, but takes on the role of mentor for a kid (known throughout the movie only as The Kid). Besides Alba and Eckhart, the film stars Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs, Definitely, Maybe), Timothy Olyphant (Die Hard 4.0, Hitman), Logan Lerman (as The Kid, 3:10 To Yuma) and SNL regulars Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis. [Trailer]

10,000 B.C.
This movie is coming out today here in UK, but here’s one more final trailer to convince you why not to see this movie. Egyptian pyramids built with the help of mammoths; a tribe full of white people with dreads, eskimos and Native Americans; Scandinavian/Egyptian/Viking demon warriors; this movie is full of stuff that historically don’t make sense. /Film sums it up pretty good: “if you can understand titling this movie “The Jurassic Apocalypto Pathfinder the Day after Tomorrow”, you’d understand it completely and not need to see it.” [Trailer]

10000 B.C.

The Visitor
This is a small indie film that made it’s debut at Sundance in January. If you like emotional life stories with a touch of tear-jerkiness, this film is for you. It’s about a widower who after a long stay away finds two squatters in his apartment. Instead of kicking them out, he let’s them stay and becomes friends with the two. It’s not my type of movie, but I know a couple of you out there who would like this film. [Trailer]

Sex and the City: The Movie
I kind of feel obliged to also list this trailer, but I am definitely not one of those woman who are jumping up and down hysterically for this movie. I was never a fan of the TV show; I tried to watch a couple of episodes, but failed to see what all the fuss was about. Anyhow, for of all you girls out there that loved the series, here’s the trailer. [Trailer]

Sex and the City

Yes, again another Wanted trailer. They don’t really show any new clips; you’ve got the same “shoot the target, bend the bullet” scene, the “Angelina Jolie hangs out of a car” scene and the “Angelina Jolie on a train bending backward to fit under a tunnel” scene. But somehow the trailer feels more coherent, with a bit more backstory than the previous ones. [Trailer]

The Fall
Once in a while you come across a trailer of a movie you’ve never heard of and it blows you away. There’s such a magical and enchanting vibe coming from this trailer, kind of a cross between Hero, The Princess Bride and Equilibrium. It stars Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) as a bedridden man in a hospital who tells a girl a fantasy story, picturing hospital staff, other patients and themselves as the main characters. You can find the trailer on the movie’s website, along with some beautiful screenshots. [Website]

The Fall

Funny Games
The first (normal) trailer for Funny Games appeared a while ago [Trailer 1], but I like this second one more. It’s got this quirkiness to it, which seems so contrary to the actual atmosphere of the movie. Funny Games is about two psychopaths that take a family hostage, forcing them to play all kinds of nasty games. I’ve heard a lot about this movie, with half of the people hating it and the other half loving it. I’m curious to see how it all will turn out. [Trailer 2]

Step Brothers
This is one of those movie that just seems so silly, so stupid, you just can’t imagine it could ever be funny. I have no idea how the actual movie is going to be, but the trailer of Step Brothers got me laughing. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play
two spoiled jobless living-at-their-parents guy, who become step brothers after their single parents get married. [Trailer]

Step Brothers

A Necessary Death
This film debuted at SXSW last weekend and I heard that not everybody understood it was a work of fiction. Three film students place an add to find someone who wants to commit suicide, so they can follow the person in his/her final days and make a documentary about it. The whole process of placing the add, holding auditions and so on, is filmed by a fellow student (the real director of the movie). So it’s a fake documentary about the creation of a controversial documentary. [Trailer]

The Incredible Hulk
Remember that bad movie a couple of years ago about this guy that turns into a big green monster? Yeah, just forget that entire movie. The Incredible Hulk isn’t a sequel, but a complete retelling of the comic hero’s story. With Edward Norton and Liv Tyler on board the acting should be fine, but after watching the trailer I’m not sure about the rest of film. I still find the visual effects of the Hulk not up to scratch; it stills seems completely out of place. [Trailer]

The Incredible Hulk

The continuation of my previous Trailerrific post. In this one, I’ll be discussing the trailers of movies of which we’ve already seen at least one trailer.

The Forbidden Kingdom
Back in November I saw an early trailer for this movie, which used some unfinished edits and the soundtrack of Hero [link]. Then in the December the official trailer came out [link]. While both trailers made the movie look entertaining enough, I don’t think it captured the essence of the movie that well. Now the new trailer has been released and I’m just psyched to see this film. [Trailer] [Posters]

The Forbidden Kingdom

Iron Man
I never liked the Iron Man character, but I think this movie is about to change my mind. The first trailer came out a couple of weeks ago [link] and it already convinced me to see the movie. A new TV spot has come out now and it shows even more actions scenes and kick-ass effects. For those of you, who already want to see the movie, I suggest skipping this trailer. You’ve already decided to go and this trailer doesn’t add any more value, except perhaps some more spoiled scenes. [TV Spot] [Official Website]

This movie looks pretty great, but I’m still disappointed they’re not following the comic (which is much more dark and evil). The trailer was released a couple of weeks ago [link] and now a TV spot has appeared. Watch it, skip it, whatever you want. It doesn’t show any real new scenes, so it’s pretty “safe” to watch. [TV Spot]

Wanted - Angelina Jolie

Prince Caspian
I liked The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It wasn’t a great movie, but if you take it for what it is (a kids story) it’s pretty spot on. Heck, it’s a whole lot better than the life-size people in beaver costumes from the version I remember. The trailer for the sequel appeared some time ago [link] and during the Superbowl a TV spot was aired. As with the Wanted TV spot they don’t show any scenes that we hadn’t seen in the trailer. [TV Spot]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I want this movie to be hilarious just because I love all the actors in it (Jason Segal, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand), but I have a feeling it won’t be as funny as I hope. The trailer was released in December [link] and now a red band version has come out. [Red Band Trailer]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In the past week a lot of new trailers have come out, mainly because of the Superbowl. Now most of these trailers haven’t appeared on the Apple trailer site yet, but about half of them are from movies with already a trailer released. I’ll be splitting this post up this week into two parts: the trailers that are completely new from movies of which we haven’t seen anything yet, and the trailers of movies of which we’ve already seen at least one trailer.

First up, the new trailers:

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard more of this movie. It’s about Liam Neeson who after his daughter is kidnapped in Paris, goes on a manhunt trying to find those responsible. So far, it’s only slated for an end of February French release, with no known release dates for other countries. [Trailer]

Superhero Movie
Sometimes a movie comes along that you know you’re going to hate, but that most people are going to love. For me, this is one of those movies. It’s from the makers of Naked Gun and Scary Movie. Need I say more? I seriously can not stand these type of stupid parody movies. If you liked those movies, I’m guessing you’ll like this one. If you didn’t: To Avoid At All Costs.

The trailer looks interesting and the film has been nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film), but I’ve heard reviews that weren’t that taken by this movie. It’s about the life of Genghis Khan, but its an interpretation and doesn’t follow the true history. [Trailer]

The Happening
I heard about the script of this movie a long time back, when M. Night Shyamalan was having trouble getting it made. I understand why, cause it isn’t your typical disaster movie. Without giving to much away, the basic gist of it is that people begin randomly committing suicide, killing themselves for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It seems an interesting movie, but it’s a tad difficult to promote.

The Grand
This is one of those films that looks half-interesting. Let me explain. It’s an improvisational ensemble comedy about several competitors in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. There are seven main characters, each playing a different poker stereotype. For me, half of those characters look funny and interesting, the other half not so much. [Trailer]

Second Skin
I know that people like documentaries about unusual people obsessed with their hobby, but do we really need a documentary for ever type of obsession? First Trekkies, then MacHeads and now Second Skin. What’s next? Knitting?? [Trailer]

The second half of this post can be expected tomorrow.